Love Island’s bitter feud reignited as Tanyel hit out at villa rival on TikTok

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LOVE Island’s bitter feud has been reignited as Tanyel hits out at rival Olivia in a new TikTok.

Boxing ring girl Olivia and Tanyel had beef in the villa but they appeared to have quashed it after the show.

Tanyel and Zara have reignited their feud with Olivia

Olivia fired back at Tanyel with a recent tweet about her villa exit

But last week Tanyel shared a shady TikTok clip on the day of the final about Olivia with new pal Zara.

During the reunion show, Tanyel also called out Olivia, along with Shaq & Tanya for their treatment towards her in the villa.

This was followed by Ellie, who made a tell-all video when she left the villa, one of the things she said was they had an unaired argument along with Shaq & Jessie about Ron.

Ellie revealed rival Tanyel ripped into her in an unprovoked verbal attack in the dressing room before their exit from the villa.

The pair didn’t see eye to eye on the show as they clashed over their views on fellow Islander Ron Hall‘s treatment of Lana Jenkins.

Opening up on the clash that wasn’t aired, Ellie, 25, said on TikTok: “That night we got into the dressing room and we’re taking our makeup off and, out of nowhere, Tanyel just goes for me again.

“I’m dead silent. I was taking my makeup off like, ‘ I just don’t care’. I was like ‘just stop’. And then she said some really below the belt things to me and then all the girls were like [gasp]. All the girls were like ‘you’ve gone too far now’.

“She kept going and then the voice of God came over; there’s a producer and they were like ‘Tanyel stop’. That night was when I got into bed with Tom and told him about it.”

Fans speculated that her leaving was production intervention.

Olivia has since shared a tweet saying she wished she got to speak out on the Tanyel situation at the reunion.

Olivia wrote: “Shame I didn’t get to say the real reason she left.”

Zara then made a comment that Olivia should have confronted Tanyel, resulting in Olivia responding with a story of her blowing a kiss with obsessed by Mariah Carey as the background song.