Love Islands Callum whines everyone is going to hate me as he prepares to break Shaughnas heart tonight


CASA Amor’s magic spell is broken tonight as Callum Jones begins to realise the impact his decision to dump Shaughna Phillips will have on his popularity in the main villa.

The scaffolder whines “everyone is going to hate me” as he prepares to break Shaughna’s heart tonight and recouple with fellow Mancunian Molly Smith.

Callum worries about his popularity plummeting in the villa

A first look of tonight’s episode shows Callum preparing to dump Shaughna after getting it on with Manchester model Molly.

As a recoupling is announced, Callum says: “She’ll go f***ing mad.”

Anxious about what other people will think of him, the 23-year-old then adds: “Everyone’s going to hate me when I get back.”

In tonight’s recoupling the girls must decide whether to remain coupled up with their boys who have been living in Casa Amor or recouple with one of the new boys.

Shaughna is bricking it and doesnt want to put her trust in him
When the recoupling was announced Shaughna looked worried
Shuaghna crosses herself for luck before Callum comes down the stairs

“I’m so scared about putting that trust into someone,” Shaughna admits.

But she decides to go with her gut and chooses to stay loyal to Callum.

So how will she react when he walks in with stunning Molly on his arm?

Earlier this week, fans were outraged as the scaffolder admitted it’s “out of sight, out of mind” as he cracked on with Molly in Casa Amor.

Callum snogs Molly in tonight’s show

He told Molly that his head would only get turned for “someone special” before giving her a proper snog on tonight’s episode.

Meanwhile, Shaughna said she will quit the show if he walks in with another girl.

“I just don’t know what I would do if he comes back with a girl, I would not be able to live in this villa,” she said

Adding: “I really did not think I’d be missing him this much.”

Shaughna says she’ll walk if Callum comes back with another girl
Callum and Molly have a serious chat on tonight’s show
They share a passionate kiss

Callum jumped in bed with Molly on his first night away from Shaughna

The hot new couple shared two snogs during last night’s challenge

On last night’s show, Finn Tapp warned Callum to think of Shaughna’s feelings before he jumped into bed with the stunning blonde model.

But he shrugged: “Sharing beds doesn’t mean anything.”

Later, during the Raunchy Races challenge the pair snogged as the tallest boy had to kiss the girl he fancied the most.

He made a B-line for Molly and they passionately kissed.

Then Molly had to kiss the boy she fancied the most and she returned the favour.

Afterwards Callum admitted he was a “busy boy” but insisted he “wasn’t hurting anyone”.

But fans of the show have been left fuming by his heartless moves in Casa Amor.

Callums throwing away wife material for a girl he probably only wants sex with and if that doesnt sum boys up then i dont know what does #LoveIsland

— cait (@caitlinmainz) February 4, 2020

Who is a queen and deserves better than this #loveisland

— love island memes (@MemesMong) February 4, 2020

Callum is gonna need security walking back in that villa with another girl #LoveIsland

— lewis (@lewisa95) February 4, 2020

A queen who deserves a boy whos gonna worship the ground she walks on #loveisland

— bea (@becmry) February 4, 2020

Awww man Im gutted for shaugna this is gonna be awful to watch the recoupling #LoveIsland

— soph (@SophieCll) February 4, 2020

Shaughna was pining over Callum and couldn’t believe how much she missed him
Callum said he wanted to rip Molly’s clothes off and didn’t feel the same sexual attraction to Shaughna

Finn told him: “Your head was a bit more scrambled than it was yesterday.”
He agreed and said: “Every time I look at her there’s a sexual attraction it’s massive.

He added: “You can’t help how you feel.”

He’s clearly besotted with the new girl and ready to break Shaughna’s heart

“I look at her and think I want to rip her clothes off.”

Finn asks if he has the same thing with Shaughna and Callum replies: “I’ll be honest no I don’t.”

But how will Shaughna react to living in the same villa as Callum and his new girl?