Love Islands Ched is planning to move in with Jess AND her twin sister Eve


LOVE Island’s Ched is planning to move in with Jess AND her twin sister Eve.

The 23-year-old hunk and Jess, 20, were finalists in the first ever winter series of the ITV2 dating show – landing fourth place in Sunday night’s final.

Ched is happy to move in with Jess AND her twin

Jess had famously entered the villa with her identical twin sister, who became the first Islander to be dumped last month.

Now Ched has revealed that he has happily accepted that the two beauties come as a package – and he is even considering moving into their shared London flat.

Jess said: “Me and Eve live in a flat together in London. So for me to move somewhere with Ched it would mean Eve is alone and I dont want to make Eve alone…

“Unless Ched was to move in with me and Eve. We havent really spoken about this yet!”

Jess and Eve entered the villa together
Unfortunately, Eve was the first to be dumped from the series

Ched replied: “I wouldnt really mind to be fair living with both of them, what I saw of Eve, I get on with Eve as well.

“It would be easy to live with both of them.”

He even insisted that he would “do everything” when it comes to domestic duties as he bragged about his cooking skills.

The Casa Amor star got the chance to meet Eve when the finalists’ family entered the villa last week.

Ched has accepted that the sisters come as a pair
Eve gave Ched her seal of approval when she visited the villa last week

Jess had previously made it clear that the meeting could make or break them, with all of the men she dates needing Eve’s approval.

She explained: “Its just weird how me and Eve are so close on the outside world and Id always get Eves approval.

“Im so close with Ched and Eve hadnt even met him. That was a bit weird for me! Then it was nice when Eve gave me that reassurance.

“She said: ‘Hes so nice, you really get along’, to hear that from Eve was so special.

Ched added: “Im not a bad guy, I dont see any reason why she wouldnt like me. Im not horrible to Jess. I treat her how shes meant to be treated.”