Love Islands Connagh says he STILL wants to date Rebecca despite getting dumped by her after kiss and kicked out


LOVE Island star Connagh Howard has said he would still date Rebecca Gormley – even though she kissed him before swapping him for Luke Trotman.

The shock switch saw the 27-year-old Cardiff lad sent packing back to the UK after no one else in the villa chose him.

Connagh Howard was dumped from Love Island last night after Rebecca Gormley failed to choose him

However, speaking after the dumping, he admitted he would still be open to a relationship with her if she had a “change of heart”.

Connagh said: “If Im still single and if she does have a change of heart in the future and wanted to try again, I wouldnt completely close it off.

Things were looking good for the couple after the 21-year-old carer raved about the gentlemanly model after they shared a passionate snog.

But he said he had been wracked with nerves during last night’s tense recoupling because he thought one of the new lads could have turned Rebecca’s head.

Love Island viewers were shocked as Rebecca went for newbie Luke Trotman instead of Connagh

It comes after she and Connagh had a passionate kiss and looked to be on track for a relationship

The pair seemed to be getting on like a house on fire

I wasnt confident because Rebeccas quite hard to read, she doesnt give too much away.

“Even before the two new lads came in I was trying to see where her head was at, who she was interested in and she didnt say too much So I had doubts in my mind.”

Connagh added: “Its the fear of the unknown. You havent got a clue what these lads are going to be like, who theyre interested in.

“I definitely had an idea one of them would be interested in Rebecca because shes a stunning girl.

Last night, it was the boys in the firing line on Love Island
He said Callum and Shaughna were the most genuine pair in the villa

“People are going to be interested. But after meeting them, I could sympathise with them, because I had been in their position too.

“So, there wasnt any hostility from me – I get it, youve come in here for the same reasons as I have.

“Everyone deserves their fair chance to get to know whoever. It was nice to see new faces in the villa as well.

Asked who the genuine couples in the villa were, he failed to mention Rebecca and Luke T, saying: Stand out couples for me would probably be Callum and Shaughna.

“I feel like theyre just being themselves and vibing well. I dont see anyone who is being disingenuous.