Love Islands Connor and Connaugh put aside villa rivalry to promote kebab shop in Ipswich


CONNOR Durman and Connaugh Howard have put their rivarly aside to promote a kebab shop in Ipswich.

The pair will join forces at their latest public appearance this weekend to meet and greet fans with the chance of getting some free grub too.

Love Islands Connor and Connaugh put aside villa rivalry to promote kebab shop in Ipswich

The coffee bean salesman, 25, shared the poster to his Instagram story which states: “Don’t miss TV stars Connor Durman & Connagh Howard at the celebrations at GDK Ipswich & enjoy a Free Doner Kebab while you’re there.”

“Hey! I’ll be at German Coner Kebab in Ipswich with @connagh92 this Saturday. Come down to the meet & greet, and grab a kebab on us,” he added to the post.

It’s good that the pair can put their rivarly aside considering they tried to win over the heart of Sophie Piper, 21, during their time on the popular ITV reality show.

The medical PA stood forward for the tatted hunk and they coupled up together from the first episode.

Sophie stepped forward for Connor on the first day of the show

However, when Welshman Connagh, 27, entered the villa he made it clear that the beauty had caught his eye.

When recoupling came around he took his chance to sweep the beauty of her feet and coupled up with her – despite Connor telling him not to.

During the recoupling Connagh shocked his fellow Islanders, saying: “So I want to couple up with this girl because I’ve been attracted to this girl in the short time that I’ve been here. And she has the personality to go with her looks.

“I would like to continue to get to know this person, I don’t want to leave this experience and regret not taking any chances. So the girl I want to couple up with is, Sophie.”

When Connagh entered the villa as a bombshell he took Sophie on a date

The model started to get to know the medical PA and decided to couple up with her – which left Connor very angry

Reflecting on what happened in the Beach Hut, Connor raged: He should have gone about things a different way.

“He should have coupled up with Sinnise, got to know her, he could have still gotten to know Sophie if he wanted to.

Its hard not to be awkward now. Its going to be a bit hard, but hes brought that on himself.

Later when Mike gave Connagh his opinion on the situation, he suggested that he should have done things differently – and Sophie decided to step in.

Connor decided to couple up with Sophie because she had a personality that went with her looks

She said: You cant even say that to him hes gone with his gut at the end of the day. I feel like you boys shouldnt be beating him up about it.

Although Sophie and Connor’s relationship seemed strong, after a series of incidents when showed Connor up as being needy, it was clear that she was keeping her options open.

Connor was stunned and he made his feelings clear when he was forced to choose another girl.

He said: “I’ve found myself in this situation, I feel like I’ve been snaked out a little bit.

Since being booted off the show the pair have been on multiple dates and are now exclusive

“People have been dishonest. But yeah, I’m in it now, so that’s it.”

Since being back in the UK Connor and Sophie their relationship has been going from strength to strength even though Connor had to apologise to Sophie for his ‘racist’ comments to his ex.

Sophie recently admitted that the pair are “exclusive”, but havent discussed their status.

She told the Daily Star: “I would say that me and Connor are exclusive.”

Sophie previously told The Sun Online that she didnt do bits with Connor during their stint in the villa

But realising she should maybe have had that discussion with her beau before making it public, she quickly added: “Exclusive is a big word, I don’t actually think that we have really discussed it but we are dating and have been on quite a few dates.”

The couple were torn apart in the Love Island villa when the Islanders had to choose to send either Connor or Sophie home.

Connor was dumped from the villa, and while Sophie stayed a little longer, she failed to find romance with anyone else.

The hunk shared a snap with Sophie last week, with them both posing for the picture while holding drinks and captioed it: “My valentine.”

Although Connor and Sophie’s relationship is looking pretty strong – the model is still rocking the single life.