Love Islands Connor Durman auditioned for the show in naked butler outfit


LOVE Island star Connor Durman has revealed he auditioned for the show in his naked butler outfit.

The 25-year-old worked as a butler in the buff during his time in Sydney and decided his rippling abs might help him get on famous dating programme.

Connor Durman revealed he wore his butlers outfit for his Love Island audition

He told the MailOnline: I sent off a video in my little naked butler outfit. Thats just an apron, a bow tie. I done a little cheeky video in my hotel. I was away for the weekend.

Discussing the weirdest request he ever had in the job, he revealed: An old lady got me to glaze sausage rolls, and I was like, “what else can I do”, and I was pouring champagne on arrival, glazing sausage rolls.

And she was like come and sit on the balcony with me. I was just sat there with a few of her friends knitting.

She requested for me to have my bum out, yeah. I usually had boxers on, but you get an extra 20 with your bum out.

He wont however be bringing him apron into the villa because he says hes grown up now.

The singleton revealed he would get his bum out for an extra 20
Connor is looking for love when the show kicks off on Sunday

Discussing his transformation into a mature man, he previously said: “Ive been living in Australia for four years. In that time, Ive grown up, done everything myself, Ive got so many new and different life experiences.

“Ive had two big relationships, one good, one bad. I think Ive gone through a lot.

“Im mature now and I know what I want.”

He admits to having cheated on a past girlfriend but insists he’s a different man now.

“I have cheated on a girlfriend before when I was much younger but Im older and more mature now.”

However while he has claimed he’s “only been on a few dates in the last six months”,his ex has excused him of dumping him to go in the villa.

Connor says he wont be bringing his butler outfit into the villa

A furious Stevie-Leigh Pich revealed the pair were together seven weeks ago before she jetted off to Australia.

She wrote on Instagram: “Also just to let everyone know I was with him 7 weeks ago just before I came back out to AuZ (on HIS visa) and I was in a 3 year relationship with him he knew all along he was going on Love island.

“Absolutely savage. I wish Connor all the best but my Instagram is turning off for the whole time Love Island is on.”

Love Island starts on January 12 on ITV2 at 9pm