Love Island’s Curtis Pritchard reveals he’s lost two and a half stone on new diet after piling on the pounds on show


LOVE Island’s Curtis Pritchard has told HOAR that he’s lost almost three stone on a new diet after piling on the pounds on the show by eating five slices of cheesecake a night.

In an exclusive interview, the 24-year-old reality star revealed he’s now 14 stone as he shared his pride at maintaining a “healthy relationship with food”.

Curtis has maintained his goal weight of 14 stone

Discussing his impressive weight loss success, Curtis told us: “I have literally lost weight through my eating and following Weight Watchers and my exercise, I now have a healthier relationship with food and the weight has just gradually come off.

“And I’ve been able to maintain that and maintain a healthy relationship with food now, which is fantastic.”

The hunk recently completed filming for the upcoming series of Celebs Go Dating, which saw the stars isolate together in a luxury mansion.

And while Curtis hasn’t weighed himself since leaving, he estimated that he has maintained his goal weight of 14 stone after “boxing every day” during filming.

He piled on the pounds in Love Island last summer

The star has reflected on his ‘unhealthy’ relationship with food

He said: “I haven’t been able to weigh myself recently because I’ve been in the mansion and I have not weighed myself since coming out.

“I’m gonna say I’m about 14 stone, because that was my goal weight and I still look and feel like, so I’m going to say I’m about 14 stone.

“I may have lost a little bit of muscle on my legs so maybe I’m about 14.2.

“I boxed every single day. We’re in a mansion you know; they’ve got a gym in there.

He was sure to keep up his exercise regime while filming Celebs Go Dating

“It’s a 30-million-pound mansion, they’ve got outdoor pools, gyms, this and that, you name it, that place has it, so we were allowed to workout and do everything.”

Reflecting on why he gained so much weight while filming Love Island, Curtis, who has partnered with FutureLearn, continued: “I didn’t have a healthy relationship with food before I went into the Love Island villa.

“I was doing my dancing and through my life I’ve always done questionable diets and then binged out on food, so I’d go on crash diets, lose a drastic amount of weight, and then all of a sudden it’s not healthy to do that, and I’d binge and put weight back cause I’d eat loads too much.

Curtis gained two stone on Love Island

“It would just be a vicious circle that would keep happening. Now I just, eat what I want when I want, but my whole mindset’s changed around food.

“It’s just a moderate healthy diet. If I want a chocolate bar, I have a chocolate bar. But it’s not like oh I’m not allowed this, I’m not allowed that – I can eat whatever I want when I want.”

Offering advice on how to change your mindset surrounding eating and diet culture, Curtis shared: ” You can always eat whatever you want, but it’s all about moderation.

He is now much more comfortable with his size

“And if you’re gonna eat that, then maybe just don’t mean the same thing later on. Or tomorrow, or if you’re going to eat like a takeaway at night, maybe have one less piece of toast with your lunch or something like different things, just about moderating stuff.

“Make sure you do eat. If you’re not eating, you’re going to be hungry, you’re going to binge out, so eat your three meals, don’t be afraid to eat, eating won’t put weight on, it’s what you eat, eating will just keep you full and then take your mind off food.

“I’ve managed to retrain my brain into thinking a certain way.”

Curtis previously revealed that he’d gained two stone while taking part in Love Island last summer, admitting that he’d binge on five slices of cheesecake each night.

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