Love Island’s Dr Alex George gives tour inside London Ambulance as he begs fans with Covid symptoms to go to hospital


LOVE Island’s Dr Alex George gave fans a tour inside a London ambulance as he begged sick fans to get checked for Covid-19.

The reality star often documents his role as an A&E doctor on his YouTube channel and filmed inside the kitted out ambulance at University Hospital, Lewisham.

Love Island’s Dr Alex George gives fans a tour inside a £300,000 London Ambulance

Last month the former reality star gave a tour around an ICU ward to reassure followers worried about coronavirus.

But Dr Alex, 30, said he wanted to highlight the challenges paramedics are faced with while working during the ongoing pandemic.

He said on Instagram: “An ambulance costs up to a quarter of a million pounds because of the amount of technology and equipment thats inside.

“I was so grateful to John, a London Ambulance Service paramedic who let me film with him on board, to give an insight into why these bits of kit are so crucial for saving lives.”

Alex first showed viewers a portable ultrasound machine inside A&E which doctors use to take pictures of a patient’s chest to assess if they have signs of coronavirus.

Dr Alex filmed with London Ambulance Service paramedic John

Heading outside, he stood in the ambulace bay and chatted to John, who revealed once a patient has been taken to hospital the ambulance undergoes a deep cleaning process, ready for the next patient.

Jumping inside into bright yellow vehicle Dr Alex showed off oxygen tanks, first aid bags, monitoring equipment and O2 masks.

Pointing out the tech, he said the ambulance is packed with infections kits and an area for clinical waste – and even a vomit bowl.

The star zoomed in on a cardiac monitor hanging on the wall, explaining it is used to give patients a shock “if they need it”.

Dr Alex pointed out the infection control kit used on suspected coronavirus patients
A cardiac monitor hangs on the wall of the £300k ambulance
The ambulance has to be sterilised after each journey to hospital

Dr Alex, who has been isolating at his huge London home, explained the pressure doctors and paramedics are under to make quick decisions about the best course of action for a patient.

Speaking about the paramedic’s role, he said: “It’s a very difficult job. They can see anything in the community, someone having a cardiac arrest, a cut finger or a labour. It is a challenging time for them but as you can see they are amazing.

“Shout out to any paramedics watching this video.”

Many fellow medics commented beneath his video on YouTube, and one said: “I’m a student paramedic with the London Ambulance Service and I would like to thank you for highlighting what we do to the public. Many members of the public don’t realise how skilled paramedics are.”

The 30-year-old is currently working at University Hospital, Lewisham


Meanwhile, Dr Alex expressed his concerns that people with suspected coronavirus had not been going to hospital, fearing they would be turned away.

Experts say one in three Brits – 17.3million people – may already have been infected with coronavirus.

Dr Alex urged people to call an ambulace if they show symptoms and especially if they have been suffering from chest pain.

The star has also been vocal about the impact fighting the deadly virus has had on his mental health.

He previously told Good Morning Britain: “Sometimes it’s tough. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t shed a tear or so coming home. I’m here at my house and I have been upset once or twice from what I’ve seen.”

He is living separately from girlfriend Amelia Bath