Love Island’s Jack Fowler reveals he was almost ‘wiped out’ by meningitis AND terrifying disease that left him paralysed


JACK Fowler has revealed he was almost “wiped out” by a battle with meningitis and a neurological disorder on his spine.

The Love Island star has spoken out for the first time about his second health scare in recent months.

Jack Fowler has had a very tough year with his health

He wrote on Instagram from abroad on holiday: “2020. What a year so far.

“Meningitis & transverse myelitis nearly wiped me out at the beginning, but feeling very blessed to be out here chasing the Sun.”

Jack has kept his health issues private after being diagnosed with the conditions.

Transverse myelitis is an inflammation of the spinal cord.

Jack suffered a rare and aggressive neurological condition and meningitis

It’s a neurological disorder which can damage the material that covers the nerve cell fibres.

The reality TV star, who is just 24, was left unable to walk and in a wheelchair from the rare and aggressive neurological ­condition.

Medics still don’t know the cause and it only affects about 300 people a year.

But he was determined not to ­disappoint fans of the ITV2 show by presenting a less-than-idyllic image of his life.

Earlier this year he was left paralysed and wheelchair-bound, but he hid his disease on social media

So he continued to post photos of himself on social media, holidaying in sun-drenched destinations while he secretly had treatment.

He told the Oxford Union: “Instagram, social media is absolutely fake. At the start of this year — no one knows this — I had something called transverse myelitis.

“I lost all movement in my legs and my left arm, paralysed, I was in a wheelchair for two or three weeks.

“On my Instagram I was ­having a wicked time, I was having a great time.

“I was in Dubai, I was in Thailand for all of the two weeks because that’s the ’gram making it look like that.

Jack says he didn’t want to disappoint his fans so he continued to post photos of himself holidaying in sun-drenched destinations

“But realistically, I wasn’t — I was going through the hardest time of my life.”

Londoner Jack appeared on the 2018 series of Love Island, arriving on day 26 and getting dumped 27 days later.