Love Island’s Jess Shears reveals she’s back to her pre-baby weight 18 months after giving birth


LOVE Island’s Jess Shears revealed she’s back to her pre-baby weight 18 months after giving birth.

The reality star, 27, welcomed a baby boy in September 2019 with her husband Dom Lever.

Jess Shears posed in blue lingerie

The pictures show the Love Island star posing in blue lingerie with her hand on her bottoms.

The others show Jess with her hands up as she shows off her body, before zooming in to her waistline.

Jess opened up about how her body has changed after giving birth and says “everything has sagged”.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote: “It’s taken me over a year and a half to get down to pre baby weight – I mean I’ve not really tried that hard (I love food way too much) but although the number might be the same my body is far from it.

The star revealed she’s back at her pre-baby weight

Jess says “everything has sagged” after giving birth

The star welcomed her baby in 2019

The Love Island looked stunning as she posed in lingerie

“Everything has sagged a little, I’ve not got the same waist I did before, I’ve got stretch marks and a load of cellulite in places it wasn’t before but you know what I’m ok with that.

“For me working out to change the way you look is just a viscous cycle of wanting more/to do better/lose more.

“We have started waking up early and training before the baby gets up. It gives us time to ourselves, makes me feel productive and puts me in a good mood for the day. It’s about being healthy in body and mind more than just an aesthetic.”

Jess and Dom met on Love Island 2017 and were the first contestants to have sex in the hideaway.

Jess and Dom with their baby son

The pair met on Love Island in 2017

The pair announced their engagement after three months of dating before marrying in Mykonos, Greece, in October 2018.

Then seven months after marrying, the couple announced they were expecting a baby – who they welcomed in September.