Love Island’s Laura Anderson condemns face editing apps – and insists using it is ‘damaging’


LOVE Island’s Laura Anderson shared startling filtered photos as she condemned face editing apps – and insisted that using them are very “damaging”.

The 31-year-old reality star has advised her social media following to NOT use editing apps, after she became “obsessed” with altering her pics.

Laura Anderson has branded face editing apps as ‘damaging’

Laura posted a series of edited photos of herself alongside a non-edited snap and asked her fans to guess which one had been reworked.

The TV beauty said: “So I’ve seen people talking about FaceApp, I didn’t know that not everyone knew about it.

“But basically I was just wondering what you thought. I got introduced to it a bit late but then I feel you get a bit obsessed with it.

“But now I purposely make sure I don’t use it because looking back when I look at some of my pictures, I think ‘what was I thinking?’ it looks so obvious to me now that it’s been used and it looks so not real.”

The Love Island star said she was ‘obsessed’ with altering her pics

The reality star was left baffled when she came across old celebrity photos that had been edited by fans.

She added: “I don’t know why people are doing it to old celeb photos though. To me it looks so obvious but I don’t know if you can tell. It’s actually worse if you can’t tell, it’s more damaging.”

The influencer then shared her first ever FaceApp photo that she edited years ago.

Laura was left shocked at how “normal” she thought she looked, explaining that she looked fake.

Laura was left shocked as she shared her first ever edited FaceApp pic

The TV beauty shared a series of edited and non-edited snaps as she quizzed her fans

Alongside the edited pic, she wrote: “The worrying thing is that I thought I looked normal.”

The former air hostess added: “I wouldn’t advise you to use it because it’s mental…mental what you can you.

“And as soon as you realise when you look at peoples pictures, you can tell straight away. It looks like their head is not attached to their neck.

“So the moral of the story…don’t use FaceApp.”

The Love Island star said it is scary how ‘normal’ she thought she looked

Laura recently opened up about her lost jobs as a result of the backlash she’d received from travelling to Dubai.

She spoke candidly about how her work as an influencer was affected and how she struggled to cope with the trolling.

Laura said she lost jobs after she travelled to Dubai

Laura said: “This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with.

“It was so hard to stick up for myself. I understand the whole pandemic, I am not a silly little girl. It is really hard and it still going on now. It was a really hard decision to go over. I’ve lost followers, I’ve lost jobs.”

Laura, who appeared on Love Island in 2018, said that while she travelled legitimately she was trolled relentlessly by some of her 1.4m million Instagram followers.

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