Love Islands Laura Anderson hits back at plastic surgery claims after fans say she is unrecognisable


LOVE Island star Laura Anderson has slammed suggestions she has undergone surgery after fans called her “unrecognisable”.

The 2018 star revealed she had instead enjoyed a “face peel” and that it had unfortunately left her face swollen.

Laura insisted her face was still swollen from the face peel

Several public comments on Laura’s Instagram page called on her to leave her face “as is” and alleged that she looks “like a different person”.

One fan added: “Youre gorgeous stop pushing it!” while another shared: “Beautiful face ruined with fillers and Botox!”

But Laura dismissed the claims, and commented: “Guys please stop commenting on my face, I got a face peel which is all Ive been talking about on my story.

“My face swelled up, a girl still has to work.”

The 2018 Love Island finalist has been hit by criticism from fans

She added: “Ive not got surgery or whatever else people have been messaging me. You can see from my story today its back to normal.

“Lets talk about something else.”

Laura, 30, is a part-time hairdresser who used to be a flight attendant with Emirates airlines.

She appeared on the fourth series of Love Island finishing as runner-up with Paul Knops, and she hinted before that she’s dated an unnamed sports star as well as served stars like Channing Tatum and Jennifer Lopez as a hairdresser.

The reality star found fame in 2018

After splitting from Paul two months after leaving the villa, she began dating former Love Island winner Max Morely.

However, after they split and later rekindled their romance, they then ended it for good earlier in 2019.

In November, Laura shared pictures of her painful-looking breast scar as she opens up about her regrets over breast implants.

The star posed in just her underwear before telling her 1.5million followers to only swipe right if they are not “faint-hearted”, with the second photo showing a huge scar the Love Island beauty received from the surgery while she warned her fans about the unknown “repercussions” of the procedure.

Laura revealed watching the show back made her realise her boobs were too big for her frame

She shared her painful breast reduction scars

Laura wrote: “Heres what they dont tell you, every surgery has repercussions years down the line so this quick fix mentality which we all suffer from, from time to time, will most definitely come back to bite you in the ass.

“It’s not like buying a pair of jeans that dont fit so you just take them back. There’s no refunds when it comes to interfering with our bodies.

“Being completely honest, after seeing myself on TV I realised that my chest looked way too big for my frame and after many shooting pains in my left boob I knew it was time for a change.