Love Island’s Laura Anderson sparks row after boasting she ‘started from the bottom’ and now flies first class


LOVE Island’s Laura Anderson hit back at a fan who criticised her claim she “started at the bottom”.

Former cabin crew member Laura shared an Instagram photo of her sitting proudly in business class on a flight to Dubai.

Laura shared this snap of herself flying first class

“Started from the bottom now I’m here. Cheeky upgrade never hurt anyone,” the star captioned the shot.

But a disgruntled fan mocked, “You started from the bottom” alongside three laughing face emojis. “Just say thanks to Love Island,” they added.

Defending her statement, Laura quipped: “I was cabin crew for 10 years matey.”

The troll continued: “Yes matey I understand but you know you didn’t work that hard.

Laura was a flight attendant for United Arab Emirates for a decade before finding fame on Love Island

“A TV show gave you fame like the others and thanks to the Instagram followers.”

Before her rise to fame in the 2018 series of the ITV reality show, Laura worked as a flight attendant for United Arab Emirates for a decade.

She also spent time living in Dubai.

Laura shot to fame in the 2018 series of Love Island

Laura also lived in Dubai before going on the ITV show

The 30-year-old – who fondly referred to Dubai as ‘home’ in the caption – also received some supportive comments from fans.

“Used to serve now being served like a queen YASSSS,” one said.

Another wrote: “It’s so nice to be in first or business. Girl I get you!”

Laura moved to Scotland from London with her boyfriend, Tom Brazier, in March

In March, Laura revealed she was leaving London and heading back to her native Scotland with her boyfriend, Tom Brazier.

“My boy and I have decided,’ve been beaut. We met here, it’s been lush but I’m taking you Home Buddy!!!”