Love Island’s Leanne slams show as ‘fake’ and reveals break up with Mike was filmed THREE times


LOVE Island’s Leanne slammed show as “fake” and revealed her break up with Mike was filmed THREE times.

The reality star, 23, appeared on the ITV2 dating show’s first Winter Love Island last year.

Leanne slammed Love Island in her YouTube video

Leanne was coupled with Mike Boateng but she eventually caught “the ick” and split up with him on screen.

She was later evicted from the villa following the break up.

However, Leanne has now claimed the split was filmed three times as the producers said their original one was too amicable.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, the star said: “So basically we had to redo the scene three times. This tied into a different question: tell us a crazy moment/secret about the villa that we would know.

She said she had to film her break up three times

“Sometimes we had to redo scenes. just when you weren’t bringing vim, you weren’t bringing that pepper.

“The first time it was actually pretty chill, we were like we aren’t feeling it but it’s cool though, we’ll still be friends. We’ll still sleep in the same bed it’s not that bed.

“They actually said this is bullshit, it’s not a good enough break up. Have more vim. I was like, no, I’m not feeling it. The producers said they weren’t happy, it needs more.

“At this point I feel so awkward, like have you lot ever had that conversation more than once. It’s very very awks. When I feel awkward I laugh.

The pair were coupled up on Winter Love Island

“Looking back, they have ratings to get so I get it. No one wants to watch two people amicably break up. It’s just kind of s****y that it’s at the expense of a human. Of course I would’ve taken a different approach in real life.”

She was also asked whether Love Island is scripted and replied that it is more like constructed reality in the vein of Towie.

She continued: “Love Island isn’t scripted, they’ve never handed me a script and read off this. But it’s reality TV, they want to keep it entertaining.

“They want to keep it so you guys understand what’s going on. How do I explain this? I don’t want trouble. I don’t want f***ing trouble.

She eventually caught “the ick”

“Some scenes are set up for your entertainment. I almost feel like a disclaimer should be put up at the beginning of every episode like Towie and that. Some storylines are pushed.”

But she did end up thanking ITV for letting her on the show, saying: “By the way guys, I really don’t want this video to come across as me as being ungrateful. I am so, so grateful to ITV for letting me have that opportunity to go on the show and experience it.”

Leanne also admitted she needed therapy after the show due to the abuse she got following her exit.

During the episode on January 28 2020, Leanne summoned Mike for a chat in the garden and said to him: “It’s been two weeks and I feel I should have stronger feelings than I do.

Leanne posing on her bed on Instagram

“I feel I’ve given it time and I’ve wanted us to work, but I feel how much more time can I give it before I have to admit it’s not banging.

“I don’t know what’s missing.”

Mike called her words “a bit strong” and he could have done with some more “clarity” from her.

She countered: “I’ve given something a chance.

“I’ve been getting to know you and it just so happens I don’t like you.”