Love Islands Luke T asks Siannise to be his girlfriend tonight as they put naked romp row behind them


LOVE Islands Luke Trotman will ask Sinnise Fudge to be his girlfriend on tonights episode.

The semi-professional footballer will enlist the help of his fellow Islanders to create a fairy tale-themed surprise for the brunette as the villa celebrates Valentines Day.

Sinnise looks shocked as she discovers Luke Ts secret plan

Dubbed Operation Fairy Tale, the girls are asked to keep Sinnise busy with a pamper session while they set about creating a princess crown and a clue-based quest for her to take on.

Luke T is seen talking to the boys and planning the evening on his phone.

Later, Luke Mabbott is seen presenting the brunette with her special crown.

Luke T then tells Sinnise she must crack all the codes to work her way around the villa and find her prince.

Luke T is seen planning the surprise on his phone

Luke M presents Sinnise with her crown

Luke tells Sinnise he must crack the codes to work her way around the villa

Luke Ts important question to Sinnise comes after the pairs first argument.

Sinnise was furious to find out Luke had overshared intimate details of their evening together, telling the boys theyd both got naked.

Luke said: I just said we were both naked I think I just talk too much.

Sinnise replied: The girls asked me what happened and I didnt say anything because thats between me and you I know that you wouldnt have done that in a malicious way.

“You probably were excited, the boys were probably egging you on, but thats a personal thing to me and thats something I would have rather had stayed between us.

Sinnise was furious to find out Luke had “overshared” intimate details of their evening

The Valentines Bae challenge sees the couples tackle a romance-themed obstacle course

Love is certainly in the air – with it being the shows first ever Valentines Day, the Islanders take part in a challenge, Valentines Bae.

With one of their hands tied together, the couples must attempt to keep a romantic meal for two intact as they take on an assault course.

Obstacles include a love tunnel and a rose petal bed full of gunge. Theres even a Lady and the Tramp-style smooch at the end.

Sinnise and Luke T have a good chance of being crowned Love Islands first ever Valentines Day champions, boasting they were flying around the course.