Love Islands Luke Ts mum melts viewers hearts as she calls Siannise her fourth child


LUKE T’s mum Beverley Trotman left Love Island viewers feeling emotional as she called her son’s girlfriend Sinnise Fudge her third child.

The former X-Factor contestant has three children and didn’t forget to mention Luke M, who she referred to as her fourth child.

Beverley called Siannise her fourth child on Instagram

Fans gushed at the singer’s sentiments, as one fan said: “Omg Luke Ts mum is so cute! She even added another story for Luke M and said ACTUALLY FOUR CHILDREN. Literally mother in law goals right there xoxox.”

Another fan added: “Awwwww so happy Siannise has got such lovely in laws!!!”

A third user commented: “Lukes mum and dad seem proper genuinely nice people.”

They continued: “When the clip of Bev crying got released, all I could see is that she was curled up with her husband. That s**t makes me happy.”

Siannise and Luke T finished second on the latest series of Love Island

Luke Ts mum and dad came to visit him in the villa

Luke T, 22, along with Sinnise, 25, finished runners-up of the first-ever winter series of Love Island.

They came second to eventual winners Paige and Finn, whilst finishing ahead of best pals Demi and Luke M in third and Jess and Ched coming fourth.

Paige received the envelope with the 50,000, but decided to share it with her boyfriend.

Many fans were shocked that the Disney-loving couple did not win the ultimate prize and started the night as the bookies favourites before the winners were announced.

Siannise and Luke Ts family got on very well when they met in the villa

Beverley and Siannise shared a warm embrace in the villa

Sinnise couldn’t contain her emotions after her sisters and Luke T’s parents entered the love island villa on Friday.

Luke’s mum Beverley gushed over Siannise and admitted the confident Islander was her favourite from the start.

She said: “Absolutely love Sinnise, she is more than nice.”

His Dad added: “You’ve got a lot of character! There’s a lot about you, that’s what’s beautiful. That’s what it’s about.”