Love Islands Mike Boateng quit the police as he was better at chasing women than criminals


LOVE Island star Mike Boateng left his job as a police officer because he was better at chasing girls than criminals, a pal said last night.

The 24-year-old will enter the villa this weekend when the ITV show returns.

Mike is hoping to win over the ladies

He quit his role as a police constable with Greater Manchester Police shortly before the contestants for the new series were announced.

Reports claim police bosses refused to give him the time off to take part but the door has been left open to him returning.

But yesterday a friend, and former colleague, said Mike was unlikely to return to policing because he has set his heart on becoming a celebrity.

Mike is a fantastic guy but in many ways he wasnt really cut out to be a policeman, the source said.

The police officer quit his role for the ITV2 show

But friends and colleagues said he had his heart set on becoming a celebrity

The 24-year-old is “a fantastic guy”

Greater Manchester Polices Chief Constable assured him he can return to his role if he behaves himself

Mike had told friends he wanted to go on the show for years

He loved to be out, partying, having a good time and chatting up girls. He definitely used the uniform to help chat up the ladies,” they added.

“He was always talking about Love Island and what a laugh it looked so no one was that surprised when he was announced. Hell do really well and has a great chance of winning because he is funny, smart and doesnt take himself too seriously.

“But no one expects to see Mike back in the Force after the show. Hes got his eyes on the prize.

Reports last week claimed Greater Manchester Polices Chief Constable Ian Hopkins – a fan of the show – assured him he can return to his role if he behaves himself.

He will join many other islanders looking for love in the next six weeks

I was expecting it to be an outright no, Mike said in response.

Weve got a good relationship he trusts me enough to go on that platform and present myself well. The general consensus is: Dont do anything stupid.

Mike was part of the squad that helped Manchester feel safe again following the 2017 arena bombing.

The 24-year-old was dispatched to the area the day after the terrorist attack to assist with locals struggling to come to terms with the atrocity.

The islanders will couple up immediately

The villa is based in Cape Town, South Africa

There are gorgeous views for the islanders to enjoy

I dealt with the aftermath -it was horrible, he said in an interview ahead of the show. Obviously, people felt unsafe. I was patrolling the areas, making sure make sure everyones alright, to be a presence.

On other occasions, he adds: Ive had to disarm people with knives, really dangerous situations.

A peaceful officer, Mike declined to ever carry a taser. I prefer the non-violent method of talking people down rather than going in guns blazing, he has said in the past.