Love Islands Mike says he will move to London to be with Priscilla as they are dumped from the show


LOVE Islands Mike has said he will move to London to be with Priscilla after they were dumped from the show tonight.

The 24-year-old police officer had been living in Manchester but said he’ll return to his home city after finding a gorgeous girlfriend in the villa.

Love Islands Mike to move to London to be with Priscilla as they are dumped from the show

The pair were booted out tonight after they got the fewest votes from viewers.

But Mike said he had already decided to move to London to be closer to Priscilla and his family: “My plan was always to move to London, which I will do. Well meet family again and friends and catch up, settle back into reality.

“But my move down to London makes it easier for the two of us.”

Priscilla’s mum had Love Island viewers in stitches tonight when she gave Mike, who had coupled up with three other girls before Priscilla, a stern warning.

And the Islander admitted he picked up on her frostiness – but was glad for her honesty.

He said: “Priscillas mum is beautiful and her brother as well, I loved meeting them. The best thing about it was they were so honest and open with me. They made it known, if you are serious about my daughter I want you to do this, this, this and this.

“I wish I had had a pen and paper – I was struggling to keep up! I feel like they could sense that I was genuine about Priscilla and we really do have something to build on. That alone gave me so much confidence moving forward. I cant wait to meet them again.”

Priscilla’s mum gave Mike a look that said ‘don’t mess with my daughter’

The pair had an incredible safari date

lmaoooooooooooo priscilla's mom telling mike to offer his hand i cant breatheeeeeee african moms will SPEAK #loveisland

— yasmin (@yazzz__) February 21, 2020

Mike is scared of Priscillas mum #loveisland

— (@neymiana) February 21, 2020

Mike… you better treat Priscilla right! Her mum ain't playing #loveIsland

— pop smoke (@wardaaaxo) February 21, 2020

Priscillas mum was sticking on Mike IT IS RIGHT #LoveIsland

— // (@aggzzx) February 21, 2020

Mike knowing hes not allowed to have a special connection with anyone else after talking to Priscilla mum #loveisland

— pretty pon anyside (@hi36295857) February 21, 2020

Aunty was proper scoping Mike … #loveisland

— Auntys Kitchen (@massiskitchen) February 21, 2020

Paige and Finn were the first coupled saved in tonight’s dumping, followed by Jess and Ched, Siannese and Luke T, and Demi and Luke M.

Mike says the love between Paige and Finn should see them crowned winners of the show.

Mike added: “They are beautiful couples. I really believe that every single person in the final deserves to be there.

“I feel like Jess and Ched have come such a long way, Luke M and Demi have come a long way, Sinnise and Luke T – I love them! And then of course, Finn and Paige

“Everybody can see what theyve all got. Ive been blessed to have seen it first hand. I can tell you, they all deserve to be there. Im happy for every single one of them.”