Love Islands Mike teaches Nas how to twerk sending fans into a frenzy


LOVE Island’s Mike Boateng has sent fans into a frenzy after giving Nas Majeed a twerking lesson – to disastrous results.

The policeman showed the boys how to work their butts on the dance floor on Saturday’s episode of the ITV2 dating show.

Mike showing off his technique

But when Nas decided to give it a go, he couldn’t quite manage to perform it as well as Mike.

Fans were equal parts thirsty and in hysterics at the scenes unfolding in front of them.

One person said: “Wtf is mike doing !!!!! Im DEAD”

A second added: “No guys Mike is on love island giving twerking lessons ”

A third remarked: “Mike’s got more curves then Siannaise tbf”

Nas didn’t do so well

Wtf is mike doing !!!!! Im DEAD #LoveIsland

— Grace Taku (@GraceaTAK2) January 18, 2020

No guys Mike is on love island giving twerking lessons #loveisland

— Acutie (@PeaceL8er) January 18, 2020

Mike's got more curves then Siannaise tbf #LoveIsland

— (@LeftWingGunman) January 18, 2020

Mike: Do you want twerking lessons?#LoveIsland #loveislandaftersun

— Jess (@justmejacinta) January 18, 2020

Im crying at Nas trying to twerk #LoveIsland

— JoshK (@JoshKeveren) January 18, 2020

A fourth said: “Im crying at Nas trying to twerk”

It’s not just rhythm that Nas is struggling with compared to Mike – but love as well.

While Mike is getting it on with Leanne, Nas crashed and burned with Siannaise.

Then last night fans suggested Jess was using Nas in order to avoid being booted out of the competition.

Mike had fans in hysterics
Whilst Nas couldn’t move properly

After Jess was dumped by Mike for Leanne, she corned the 23-year-old builder and said: “I don’t think we’re in the same position but it’s kinda similar in that you’re in a couple and you’re not really feeling it and I’m in a couple where it’s not a couple basically.

“With the recoupling round the corner, obviously we both want to meet someone in here, how would you feel to being open to what happens?

Nas replied: “Absolutely. I appreciate that you’re forward and you say what you think and communication is so key for me.”

However, fans weren’t convinced by what she said to and about Nas.

One person wrote: “Jess issa desperado. Shes making Nas her backup bae already! #LoveIsland.”

A second added: “Jess is really using Nas as a ticket to stay #loveisland.”

While a third tweeted: “#LoveIsland Really feel like Jess is just manipulating Nas and is just gonna use him.”