Love Islands Molly and Callum get closer than ever as she raves about his nice hands on her tonight


LOVE Island’s Molly Smith and Callum Jones are set to get closer than ever on tonight’s episode as she raves about his “nice hands”.

The blonde model has to suck Callum’s finger during the Head Over Heels challenge and afterwards gushes: “He’s got nice hands for a scaffolder.”

Callum and Molly get closer tonight

Meanwhile, the boys tell Callum he’s a “different man” since leaving the main villa and Shaughna Phillips behind.

“Mate we’ve all seen it, the way you’ve been since we came in, you’ve been buzzing,” Mike Boateng says.

“Mate, he’s been a different man,” Finn Tapp adds.

“And I never thought I’d come in here and feel like that,” Callum says.

Molly sucks Callum’s finger during a challenge
Molly gushes over his ‘nice hands’
Later in the challenge they share another snog

Finn agrees: “You’re like how you were when I first came into the villa.”

But back in the main villa, Shaughna is missing her man and even hints that she wants him to make their relationship official.

“Really did not think I’d be missing him this much, I would feel so much better if I just knew how long,” she complained.

Later, she tells the girls: “If Callum does come down on his own I will literally say to him, ‘We need to have a discussion.’

Meanwhile Shaughna says she wants Callum to make their relationship official
She can’t believe how much she misses him
And wants him back in the main villa
It looks like Molly is smitten

“If it was more official I wouldn’t stress as much.”

But Callum is set on making moves on Molly and tells her: “I don’t want to potentially throw something away that I think is special just because I might hurt someone’s feelings in the process.”

Looks like he’s about to break Shaughna’s heart…