Love Islands Nas on the brink of dumping Demi for Eva as Luke M and Natalia have their first kiss


LOVE Island’s Nas Majeed could be set to dump Demi Jones in favour of Casa Amor babe Eva Zapico.

The builder found it tough going in the villa before Demi swooped in and stole his heart, but now he has some options, it looks like Nas’ head could be turned.

Nas is getting to know Eva

Nas, who entered this series of Love Island at the very beginning, struggled to form a romantic connection with the girls and was beginning to look quite downcast.

Enter Demi Jones, whose bubbly and energetic personality seemed to rub off on Nas, which resulted in the duo coupling up and have been going from strength to strength ever since.

But now the dreaded Casa Amor has come around, resulting in Demi and Nas being split up, the lad from London has kept an open mind about meeting the other girls, one of whom is 21-year-old Eva Zapico.

So far the two seem to bounce off each other quite well and cheeky chappy Nas even said Eva is a “stunning girl” and is “more of my type.”

Demi entered the villa late and is coupled up with Nas

The pair even shared a smooch during last night’s series of challenges against the main villa, which appears to have to have left an impression cheeky chappy Nas.

Tonight, Nas tells Eva: I feel like you are more my type than Demi. Similar banter as well.

To which she responds: The banter has been a solid 7.

Nas jokes: I feel like a 4

To which Eva quips: 4 out of what, 4?

Nas has already snogged Eva

During last night’s challenge, Demi pulled a sad face when she realised Nas would have to kiss other girls in the raunchy races challenge and was a bit miffed that he managed to beat her.

When the girls realised the boys had headed off to Casa Amor, Demi lamented the fact that she did not get the chance to kiss him or even say goodbye.

Whilst Nas maintained he does like Demi and complimented her so much he even referred to her red blood cells, he never closed himself off to cracking on with the sexy new girls in Casa Amor.

Will Nas stray and bring Eva back to the main villa in a few days time?

Nas shared his first villa kiss with Demi

Things could get worse for Demi as Nas has not only snogged Eva since entering Casa Amor, but also kissed Jamie McCann in Raunchy Races games.

Nas certainly seemed to enjoy all the tongue action he was getting, as he sat there with a huge grin etched across his face.

However it is not only Nas who has been testing the waters, as Demi was seen chatting to new boy George in the main villa.

The two kissed during yesterday’s challenges and he was seen laying it on thick with the flame-haired beauty, as the estate agent told her: “You’re mustard and I’m having you on toast.”

Luke M and Natalia are getting on well so far

Meanwhile, Luke M appears to be getting on well with Natalia Zoppa, who asked to share a bed with the 24-year-old in last night’s episode.

Things turned sour with Luke M and Jess last week after he felt disrespected by Mike’s advances and the twin choosing to kiss the policeman instead of him in the Snog, Marry, Pie challenge.

The heating engineer went to Casa Amor single and ready to mingle and things are currently going well between the two.

Upon arrival, every girl said they were interested in a very flattered Luke M, but it appears he is leaning towards 20-year-old student Natalia.