Love Islands Paige gags during sickening game where Finn spits BLUE CHEESE into her mouth


LOVE Island’s Paige Turley is seen gagging in tonight’s show after being forced to play a disgusting game where Finn Tapp spits food including blue cheese in her mouth.

The 22-year-old singer is seen with drool hanging from her mouth as she tries to stop herself throwing up during the foul challenge.

Paige Turley is shown gagging with drool running down her chin
Tonight’s challenge sees the boys made to pass food to the girls using only their mouths

The boys and girls team up in tonight’s task, Getting Trollied, which sees each Islander in a giant shopping trolley.

They have to inch along a track with food in their mouths before passing it into the mouth of the girl they are paired up with.

Finn orders Paige: “Stop gagging” but she wails: “I cannae help it. My eyes are watering.”

Meanwhile, Callum Jones and Shaughna Phillips appear to be having much more fun, passing what looks like chocolate cake, with goo dripping down their faces.

She is seen wiping away tears streaming down her face during the task
Callum and Shaghna seemed to find the Getting Trollied task a lot more fun
Each half of the couple approach each other in shopping trollies
Two new arrivals will be joining Love Island in tonight’s show

Meanwhile, for Rebecca Gormley and Luke Trotman, the challenge allowed them to share their first kiss – with cold baked beans.

There is plenty of drama in tonight’s Love Island with two newbies – a girl and a boy – joining the show.

Wallace Wilson, a 23-year-old personal trainer from Inverness, is seen in a white shirt with a self-assured smirk on his face.

And Demi Jones is a 21-year-old style advisor from Portsmouth, who is shown pouting as she walks in.