Love Islands Paige left raging after Finn admits his head has been turned by new girl Rebecca


PAIGE is left fuming in tonight’s Love Island after new girl Rebecca grabs her man Finn for a chat – and he admits he’s willing to get to know the beauty queen more.

In a one on one chat with Geordie Rebecca, Finn’s asked asked if his head could be turned by a new arrival, to which he coyly replies: “It would certainly be something I would have a look at.”

Paige is left fuming in tonight’s Love Island after new girl Rebecca grabs her man Finn for a chat – and he admits he’s willing to get to know the beauty queen more

Im more than happy to get to know you and see where we go from there.

Meanwhile Paige is asked by Callum how she feels about Rebecca taking her man to one side.

She sarcastically says: “Crack on lad.”

But in the Beach Hut, she fumes: Im playing it really cool with him. Im like yeah, get to know her, find her really funny and find her hair so good looking but Im playing it cool.

Finn admits he’s open to getting to know new girl Rebecca more

Rebecca has been stirring the pot since she’s arrived

And she’s not the only girl wound up by the latest bombshell.

Shaughna is set to kick off as Rebecca chats up Callum too.

A sneak peek reveals the villa descends into an awkward row – with Mike also revealing his feelings towards Leanne have changed.

The teaser clip follows Shaughna as she storms over to the other Islanders on the sofas, with the 25-year-old Londoner screaming: “I’ve had enough.”

But Rebecca hearing Shaughna from afar, says: “That’s good though isn’t it, it spices things up, everything is getting hot hot hot.

“I’m not gonna mug myself off to play it safe or whatever, I have to find my man, I have to find him.”

Rebecca later reveals she has feelings for Welsh model Connagh – which riles Siannese.

Love Island’s Shaughna kicks off and screams she’s ‘had enough’ as Callum chats up new girl Rebecca
Mike reveals his feelings have changed for Leanne
Rebecca tells Connagh he is her type on paper

Meanwhile, Mike tells Leanne that he’s having second thoughts about their blossoming relationship.

Love Island fans were distraught when last night’s teaser clip revealed Mike and Leanne – until now the villa’s strongest couple – are on the rocks.

It showed the ex-policeman being asked by Connagh: “Have you got doubts?” He replied: “Maybe.”

The pair had been the bookies’ favourites to win the first ever series of Winter Love Island.

Mike admitted to Connagh he is having doubts about Leanne

One upset fan reacted to the potential split, tweeting: “MIKE & LEANNE? dont do this to me love island.”

Another posted: “Nah excuse me Mike and Leanne think they are allowed to leave this relationship without winning love island?”


Leanne was shown sunbathing oblivious to what was going on downstairs

Elsewhere Mike is shown confronting the 25-year-old, telling her: “I’m not going to lie, I’m a little bit annoyed.”

And she is later seen storming across the villa lawn, shouting: “For f***’s sake – I’ve had enough.”

Voiceover man Iain Stirling hinted at more drama on Wednesday night, explaining: “It’s all going pear-shaped in paradise.”