Love Island’s Paige reveals Finn is ‘desperate’ for a baby and says they haven’t spent a penny of £50k prize money


PAIGE Turley has revealed her Love Island boyfriend Finn Tapp is “desperate” for them to have a baby together.

The 22-year-old singer also revealed they have just been paid the £50,000 prize for winning the show – but isn’t able to spend it because all the shops are shut.

Love Island stars Paige Turley and Finn Tapp looking after ‘Darcy’ on the show

Asked by New magazine which of them was the driving force behind them having kids, she replied: “Finn – I don’t even need to think about that one.

“He comes from a big family and my cousin’s got a baby and he hasn’t got that in his family.

“That’s probably why he’s a bit more broody. Whereas I’ve got a baby [in my family] and don’t need to go through the process – I can still get cuddles.”

The pair have had some practise as parents – having to look after a fake baby they called Darcy during one of the show’s famous challenges.

She explained that he was much more broody for a child than she is

Paige and Finn won the first winter edition of Love Island and have just got their cash prize

Paige today added that ITV have finally handed over the £50,000 winner’s prize after claiming last month that they still hadn’t received it.

Paige said: “Eventually we have [got it] but we haven’t spent it – all the shop have closed. We haven’t spent a penny of it yet.”

Asked what she wanted to buy, Paige replied: “I just want a Macbook. I haven’t even had a conversation with Finn to see what he’s going to spend it on.

“He’ll probably buy trainers or something.”

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