Love Island’s Paige Turley says she needs a bigger bed after moving in boyfriend Finn Tapp during lockdown


JUST two months ago Paige Turley and Finn Tapp were crowned winners of Love Island in South Africa after dazzling viewers with their sexual chemistry.

Now the loved-up pair, who romped under the duvet on the ITV2 show, are in lockdown together — at Paige’s parents’ house.

Love Island winner Paige Turley has revealed she needs a bigger bed now that Finn has moved in

But despite being under the same roof as her mum Nicky and step-dad Stephen, singer Paige insists the couple are keeping the romance alive and finding new ways to entertain themselves.

The 22-year-old told HOAR on Sunday: “The nation has seen both of us half-naked for six weeks anyway and my parents watched us on TV like the rest of the country, so they don’t mind.

“Finn is a gorgeous looking guy who is even more gorgeous in the flesh. He’s a big guy and takes up a lot of space in the bed. We’re going to need a bigger bed — the double just isn’t cutting it!

“We’re trying to get some exercise out of the bedroom, too, so we don’t spend too long cooped up in one room.”

Paige and her boyfriend Finn Tapp are currently isolating in the same house as Paige’s mum and step-dad

Today Paige reveals how she keeps Finn on his toes by sending him sexy snaps, is hoping they will marry and have kids and can’t get her head around being labelled a sex symbol.

She also opens up about her two-year romance with Scots chart-topper Lewis Capaldi, saying she hopes to one day meet up again with the star — to perform a duet.

Paige and Finn set the nation’s pulses racing in February when they got frisky under the covers in the Love Island villa.

Semi-pro footballer Finn, 20, admitted to his co-stars the next day that the pair had “done bits” and it had been “banging”.

The couple were crowned the winners of the winter series of Love Island in South Africa

The couple’s strong connection led to them walking away with the inaugural winter Love Island crown and a joint prize of £50,000.

But since the Government enforced a lockdown last month in response to the coronavirus pandemic, the pair have been hunkering down at Paige’s family home in Fauldhouse, West Lothian.

Finn drove from his base in Milton Keynes, Bucks, to isolate with his girlfriend.

She posted a picture on Instagram of the pair lying in bed, with the caption: “The reason I have done the disappearing act the last couple of days. I was catching up with this stranger. P.S. He drove six hours to Scotland to isolate with me.”

Paige refuses to rule out the possibility of a duet with her ex Lewis Capaldi

Since then the couple have been binge-watching Netflix and taken up yoga to stave off boredom.

And Paige reckons their incar-ceration in the Love Island villa was a useful dress rehearsal for the nationwide lockdown.

She said: “We had a bit of a taste of this at the start of the year being on Love Island, so we’ve been getting quite good at it.

“Being here with Finn makes it a lot easier and we’ve even tried the toilet roll keepy-uppy challenge to pass the time, but I’ve just been wrecking everything around me.

Paige says her and Finn have been amusing themselves outside the bedroom by watching TV shows including Love Island

“We’ve watched loads of boxsets like The Stranger and just finished Big Little Lies and we’ve even started watching a few of the tasks in the Love Island villa.”

And even when the pair have had moments apart, Paige can’t resist sending Finn sexy images of herself from past photoshoots.

She said: “I sent Finn a couple of pictures that I’d done previously and he sent me a voice note, going, ‘Ooooh Paigey Baby’. So, yeah, I think he liked them.

“He’s always like, ‘Oh, send me them so I can have them in my phone’.”

The couple looked love-up on Instagram while quarantining together

While experts claim enforced time indoors with partners will lead to an increase in break-ups and babies being born depend- ing on the strength of relationships, Paige admitted she has fallen more in love with Finn.

She said: “Our sense of humour is very similar so we can mock each other — but in a loving way.

“He’s an amazing cook too and he’s just so caring and I love seeing how he is with his family. He’s such a family guy.

“Family and marriage is definitely going to come in the future but we are just going to enjoy our time together now.

The couple won the ITV2 show in February, winning the joint prize money of £50,000

“We’re still young so we’re thinking, ‘Let’s appreciate each other and see places of the world that we want to see — just us two’.

“We want to have fun first, then marriage and family can come in time.

“I know people are talking about there being a baby boom in nine months but I’m trying everything in my power to get my body back to as small as I can. I’m just going to get fit for now and then, aye, in a couple years, it’ll come. But now we just want to have fun together.”

While Paige says she wants to work on her body, many of her fans are turning to social media to tell her how perfect she is.

Paige says her and Finn are having fun for now, but have spoken about marriage and children

And modest Paige is still getting used to the attention. She said: “It feels strange when people post comments like, ‘beautiful’ ‘perfect’, ‘red-hot’ and even, ‘sex goddess’.

“It’s lovely, to be fair, but I need to be careful my head doesn’t get too big to get through the door.

“I do try to reply to people and just be like, ‘Thank you so much’. It’s flattering and it’s lovely to read their comments but me, a sex symbol? I mean, as soon I open my mouth that kind of goes right out the window. So I don’t know how long I’ll hold that title for.”

One man who has experienced Paige’s winning formula of sex appeal and girl-next-door charm is ex-boyfriend Lewis, the man-of-the-moment pop star.

The Love Island couple pictured earlier this year on a boozy night out in Manchester

The Scottish singer shocked fans at his Wembley Arena gig last month by sharing intimate details about Paige’s bedroom prowess.

The 23-year-old joker told his audience on March 12: “We were together for about a year and a half and we had some f***ing electric times.

“We had a spark. Sparks were flying in the air. It was like, ‘Touch it, oh that hurts’. Do you know what I mean? Oh that was rude.”

Despite Lewis’s public indiscretions, Paige bears no ill will towards her ex, whose song Someone You Loved, was the biggest-selling hit of last year.

The 22-year-old says she is flattered by comments she receives from fans who call her ‘beautiful’ and ‘perfect’

She said: “Lewis has got a way with words and he’s a funny guy and Finn and I both love his music. He’s a really talented guy so it’s all good.”

And Paige, whose rendition of Skinny Love, by US singer-songwriter Bon Iver, won her a spot in the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent in 2012, has refused to rule out the possibility that she may one day duet with Lewis.

She said: “We did stuff together when we were in a band at college but he’s much cooler than me.

“I was more likely to be standing in front of the mirror singing into a hairbrush than Lewis, but we’ll see what happens. Never say never.”