Love Islands Paige Turley suggests she DID have sex with Finn in the villa as it was hard to fight the feelings


LOVE Island winners Paige Turley and Finn Tapp have suggested that they DID have sex in the villa after it became difficult to resist temptation.

Paige, 22, admitted that that she found it tough to fight off her sexual urges sleeping next to her boyfriend every night.

Paige and Finn became the sixth couple to win Love Island

“Being in there and sharing a bed for so long and having genuine feelings, its hard to fight them,” she said.

The pro footballer echoed Paige’s sentiments, and said their rule to not have sex on camera became very hard to stick to.

“You go in there and you think, Im not going to do it, all of this, all of that, but then youre living 24/7 having genuine solid, feelings for someone and are really attracted to them! And some of them bikinis phwoar!”

An embarrassed Paige jumped in: “My dads going to read this, shut up!”

Finn and Paige tried hard to resist sexual urges in the villa

The pair became the sixth couple to win Love Island and the first to win the winter edition of the show.

The couple opened up on their plans for the future and life as a couple outside of the villa.

During the series, the boys created what would be known as the “Breakfast Club”, where they would talk about their encounters with their respective girls in a polite manner.

When the pair were asked if they were surprised that “breakfast” had taken place in the villa, they both replied: “Yes!”

Paige and Finn coupled up early in the series and made it all the way to the end as the winner

Despite only knowing each other for just over a month and being an official couple for a number of weeks, Paige and Finn discussed their plans for the future, which include getting a dog and moving in together.

Paige said: “I totally love Scotland. Ive never had a reason to move away from it. I think Glasgow might be a bit rough for Finn. Theyd eat him alive! Ha ha! Im joking. I think it would be a bit unfair of me to take him away from his comforts,” Paige said.

Finn continued: “Likewise. Its a bit of a middle ground. And Callums sold us the dream of Manchester.”

The Scottish sensation added: “Ive been on one night out to Manchester and Im like, I love Manchester – lets move to Manchester!”

The four couples that made it to the 2020 Love Island final

The final episode of this series of Love Island saw the finalists get glammed up for the “Love Island prom”, where they couples would exchange declarations of love.

Finn left fans in tears as he broke down midway through his speech.

The remaining islanders also learnt how to dance the Tango, which they all performed with varying levels of success.

With their win, Paige and Finn edged out the bookies favourite and runners-up Siannise and Luke T, followed by Luke M and Demi in third and Jess and Ched in fourth.