Love Island’s Rebecca Gormley can’t shower or dress alone after shoulder ligament tear that could take 9 months to heal


LOVE Island’s Rebecca Gormley “can’t shower or dress alone” after tearing a ligament in her shoulder that could take NINE months to heal.

The model, 22, suffered the nasty injury after landing awkwardly when she fell off the bed.

Rebecca Gormley has torn ligaments in her shoulder

After seeking medical attention, Rebecca was devastated to be told the accident has left her unable to work.

In an exclusive interview with HOAR, her boyfriend Biggs Chris – who she met on Love Island’s first winter series – said: “I feel bad for her, she can’t really do much. She’s recovering right now.

“She fell off the bed in a really awkward way and tore the ligaments from her neck to her shoulder. It could take up to nine months to heal.

“She can’t lift her arm. I had to really help out and do everything for her.

She revealed how her injury has impacted her daily life

“Even her getting showered and changed, she needs help with that. It’s so surreal.

“Her mum has been so supportive as well.”

Despite not getting together on Love Island, Biggs and Rebecca got together after the show.

They split their time between Biggs’ home in Glasgow, with Rebecca still living at home in Newcastle.

She’s being looked after by her boyfriend Biggs Chris
The Love Island beauty’s recovery could take nine months

In between looking after Rebecca, Biggs is launching his rap career and spending time in the studio with Tinie Tempah.

Excited to share what he’s been working on soon, Biggs added: “We’ve both got loads going on. I can’t wait for Rebecca’s comeback.

“She’s going to come back bigger and stronger. She’s got loads of exciting things coming up.”

She bravely opened up about her injury on Instagram on International Women’s Day.

Posting a picture of herself to show she’s been unable to shave her armpits because of her injury, Rebecca told fans: “As you know I’ve recently had an accident and had to have an operation on my right shoulder making it impossible for me to do the normal things I would do easily.

Biggs says she is going to come back stronger from her injury

“I have been advised it could take up to 9 months if not longer for me to get the use of my arm back, so I have just let nature take it toll.

“My shoulder injury has really effected me in ways I never thought it would have!

“BUT I am willing to do whatever it takes to get back to my normal self and doing the things I love! I miss modelling so much and can’t wait to come back BIGGER, BETTER and STRONGER then ever!”