Love Islands Rebecca Gormley officially dating Casa Amors Biggs Chris and their first date was at a kebab shop


LOVE Island’s Rebecca Gormley and Biggs Chris have confirmed they are now officially dating after meeting on the show.

The new couple went on a low-key date to a kebab shop in north London last night – and are pictured holding hands and gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes.

Rebecca Gormley and Biggs Chris have confirmed they’re dating

The pair have exclusively confirmed their romance to The Sun Online.

Last night they tucked into a mixed doner kebab and chips and Biggs proved that he is Instagram husband material as he snapped Rebecca posed with her food for Instagram.

“Just had my [email protected] & it was absolutely naughty! I will definitely be going back#kebabsdoneright#ad,” she posted.

And Rebecca reciprocated as she snapped a picture of Biggs smiling with his “cheat meal”.

They enjoyed date night at a kebab shop

They appeared to be talking and laughing effortlessly as they held hands

Rebecca posed for pictures with her meal
Biggs looked like the cat that got the cream

Just weeks ago, Rebecca split from Jordan Waobikeze after growing close to their co-star Biggs.

They officially called it quits soon after fans saw through their awkward Aftersun interview.

Jordan Waobikeze and Rebecca Gormley are no longer dating

Insiders say the 21-year-old beauty queen felt pressured to hook up with Jordan – despite wanting to get to know Biggs.

After being kicked out the villa alongside Jordan, Rebecca talked about “taking things slow” as she was quizzed about their relationship by host Laura Whitmore.

But within hours she was already having second thoughts and has been spending time with Biggs since flying back to the UK.

On a boozy night out this week Rebecca and Biggs only had eyes for each other as they partied in Manchester.

Biggs and Rebecca have grown close since meeting up outside the villa

Teasing a potential future romance, Biggs told The Sun Online: “She did say she would have picked me in the villa.

“But because her and Jordan shared a kiss on the first date, a lot of the boys cancelled that out.

“As the days went by I think Rebecca felt she didn’t get the chance to speak to the other boys.

“I did want to try it on with her in the villa… but let’s wait and see what happens on the outside.

“Jordan’s my boy, but they called it a day.”

Rebecca hinted she wasn’t happy in the couple with Jordan on Aftersun

And Biggs was clearly in with a shot, as Rebecca gushed this week: “I wish I did chat to them all and find out more about everyone else – like Biggs. I loved Biggs. He was mint.

“His personality is the kind of personality I would go for. I would definitely meet up with him.”

Biggs – who is signed to The Model Team – was one of the Casa Amor boys who got to live in the main villa for a week as he grafted for the girls.

Rebecca and Jordan had already hit it off, while Biggs set his sights on Jess Gale.

Jess is now dating Ched and made it to the final

The 27-year-old car body repair specialist from Glasgow ended up in a love triangle with Ched Uzor.

In the end, Jess chose Ched and they made it to the final finishing in fourth place.

“I’ve made a friend for life in Ched.

“I wasn’t mad at Jess choosing him at all because he’s my boy and I’m so happy they made it to the final.

“It was amazing to see a Casa Amor boy make it to the last four.”