Love Islands Shaughna and Molly go on awkward date as Shaughna insists shes happy for Callum


LOVE Islands Shaughna Phillips and Molly Smith will go on an awkward date during tonights episode to discuss the recoupling.

During last nights show Callum Jones returned to the villa from Casa Amor with new girl Molly leaving Shaughna gobsmacked.

Shaughna and Molly have to go on a date to chat this evening

After the very tense recoupling ceremony Shaughna receives a text inviting her and Molly to go for a chat to talk about the situation.

The pair are head out of the villa to try and clear the air but its not clear how it will go because as they arrive, Molly declares: This is awkward, isnt it

Molly was apologetic during the ceremony but will the pair be able to put their differences behind them?

When quizzed by Laura Whitmore about how she was feeling, she said: Obviously its horrendous to have to upset another person in the villa, so I do apologise about that.

Callum returned to the villa with Molly during last nights episode
Shaughna was initially very shocked

Callum also tried to explain his actions as everyone sat around the fire pit.

He said: Obviously its not nice coming back to this. Its a bit intense. But at the end of the day, Ive gone with what I thought was the right decision, Ive gone with my heart.

I went to Casa Amor, I had a chance to speak to Molly, it brought out a side to me I didnt think I had. The way I felt about her after 2/3 days just clarified it to be honest.

Not to say anything against Shaughna, I wasnt unhappy with her, its just that this has been a sign for me that something has been missing and I think Ive found it with Molly.”

Staying as classy as ever, Shaughna took the moral high ground and insisted: Im happy for Callum. I should have never trusted a scaffolder anyway.