Love Islands Shaughna DID flirt with Luke M but he thought it was a joke and never fancied her


LOVE Island’s Luke Mabbott revealed he thought Shaughna’s flirting was a joke and he never fancied her.

The finalist was stunned when his close pal admitted she had feelings for him, but insists he never came close to leaving Demi for her.

Love Island’s Luke Mabbott revealed he thought Shaughna’s flirting was a joke and he never fancied her

Speaking in his exit interview, Luke said: “Ive always looked at Shaughna like one of my best mates.

“She was there for me from day one. As soon as she said she liked me, I was taken aback. She hadnt given me signals like that, I thought it was jokey.

“I kind of knew where my head was at but it was hard saying it to one of your friends.”

The Justin Bieber lookalike was adamant he wouldn’t have changed his mind had she made a move earlier.

Luke was hot property in the villa

“I just see her as a really good friend,” he said. “I told her that before she left. I dont want it to ruin the relationship we do have.”

Demi was visibly shocked when Shaughna took her to one side for a chat and confessed to having feelings for Luke.

Despite their battle for Luke’s affections, they never let it impact on their friendship.

She explained: “She is such a close friend of mine the only way I can describe it is like having a boyfriend and then your best friend tells you they like your boyfriend.

Shaughna and Demi were briefly love rivals

Demi and Luke made it all the way to Sundays final

“I said, Ill always support you we both said that whichever way it goes.”

Last week Shaughna revealed she used to flirt with Luke off camera – but it was never shown.

The 25-year-old spoke to The Morning After podcast about her real relationship with the 24-year-old after she got the boot last week.

The Londoner tried to couple up with Luke after being dumped by Callum in a bid to save herself, which led to viewers thinking her feelings were fake.

She explained: “I was shooting my shot a little bit late but I just though Ive gotta say it with chest. Say it with my chest or dont say nothing at all. Its literally in the Bible.

“With Luke, obviously theres things you dont see on filming, we used to flirt so much when it was just us at lunch and dinner. We used to gravitate towards each other.

“Obviously a lot of people dont see that, a lot of things like that. But hes an angel, hes like a dog. We dont deserve him, hes like a therapy dog for me.”

Shaughna recently opened up about her real relationship with the Justin Bieber lookalike

Shaughna was originally coupled up with Callum until he dumped her in Casa Amor

Speaking about her Love Island journey, Shaughna said she hid away for days after Callum returned from Casa Amor with Molly Smith.

She said: “I was literally playing hide and seek in the villa. I was trying to hide from them. I didnt want Molly to feel awkward so I was just lapping the villa all day and then after a while it got OK.”

The reality TV favourite also made a quip at Callum, saying: Im gonna shout out Callum for getting so far with such little to give.”

Callum and Molly were subsequently dumped from the villa after the Islanders were asked to pick between Mike Boateng and Priscilla Anyabu and Callum and Molly.

Shaughna unveiled a glam new look after leaving the villa

Although unlucky in love on the show, Shaughna did say she was happy to be single.

The Londoner is also hoping that ‘Pinn’ – her couple name for Paige and Finn – win the first ever winter Love Island.