Love Islands Sophie brands Mike a game player and says his moves dont add up


DUMPED Love Island star Sophie Piper branded Mike Boateng a “game player” after he desperately pursued both her and Jess Gale.

Sophie and Wallace Wilson were sent packing tonight by their fellow contestants after being found to be in the most incompatible partnerships.

Love Island star Sophie Piper branded Mike Boateng a ‘game player’

Speaking in her exit interview, Sophie was asked who she thought the game players were in the villa.

She said: “The only tiny game player would be Mike because some of his moves dont add up, but Im sure he doesnt mean anything maliciously.”

After Mike was ditched by Leanne Amaning last week, he made a beeline for Sophie, leaving her surprised.

Explaining her feelings, she said: “I was so confused! Callum said to me that Mike was weighing me up as an option, I was like Are you actually winding me up?

Mike kissed Jess after pursuing her for days

He’s been competing with Luke M for her affections

“From the get go, I was just friends with Mike and it wouldnt have changed.

“To hear him say that he wanted to get to know me, there was a question there whether he was playing a game.

“It was very awkward when he picked to recouple with me over Leanne.

“I feel like in his mind, he didnt want to go backwards. Picking her, he felt he would have been going back.”

Things never caught light between Mike and Sophie romantically, and he put all his eggs in Jess’s basket as a result.

Sophie always looked to Mike as a friend

It left Sophie feeling baffled, and she said: “I feel like some of the stuff he is doing doesnt add up. He said he had all these feelings for Leanne and then switched it off straight away and moved onto Jess.

“I dont know if hes playing a game or not. I feel like when things did break off with Leanne, he was scrambling and thinking I need to be in a couple, I need to have a connection in here’.

“It worked because I feel like I left on the terms of him having a connection in the villa. None of the Islanders would have wanted to break that up because he and Jess had just had a kiss.”