Love Island’s Zara McDermott shows off two stone weight loss in incredible before and after pics


LOVE Island star Zara McDermott has shown off her dramatic two stone weight loss after embarking on a healthy eating and fitness regime.

Zara, who appeared in the 2018 series of the ITV2 reality show, decided to slim down and shape up last summer and “can’t believe” what she has achieved.

Zara McDermott has shared some new images of her dramatic weight loss
Zara has lost two stone since last August
The 2018 Love Island star ‘can’t believe’ her weight loss

Zara, 23, tipped the scales at 10st 7lbs last August but now weighs 8st 9lbs having cut out junk food – including her beloved chocolate milkshakes – and dramatically increased her fitness regime.

Taking to Instagram, Zara has shown off her new trim figure while wearing a black crop top and bright pink knickers. She compared her body to some beach pictures taken before she began.

She told her fans: “Almost 2 stone down!!!! 💪🏼 can’t believe how far I’ve come looking at old pics. Goooo me!!!!!!”

When questioned about how she has achieved her weight loss, she went on to tell one follower: “I started tracking my food and working out around the start of last August.

Zara shared some ‘before’ photographs to demonstrate the change in her figure
Zara used to drink two chocolate milkshakes a day

“By November I could see a good difference ☺ for me I lost a lot of weight quite quickly during the first few months and then it plateaued.

“Not that it’s all about weight because it’s not, but i wanted to shape up aesthetically so losing weight was important for me as I was super unhealthy before. ❤❤

Zara began documenting her fitness journey on Instagram last year when she had already dropped 1st.

She explained that she hoped to become a “better human being” and admitted it had not been an “easy ride”.

Zara insists she still has ‘cheat days’

Zara said: “I have lost nearly a stone in weight over the last almost two months and have taken on a new challenge to be a healthier and all round better human being.

“And for someone who’s always struggled to enjoy the gym and who also enjoys 2 chocolate milkshakes (minimum) a day, it’s not been the easiest ride 😂.”

Zara’s fans have congratulated her on her efforts, with one saying: “You look beautiful in every photo but congratulations on your new healthy lifestyle journey.

Zara also regularly works out

“The results of your hard work is amazing 👏 you are an inspiration!!”

Another added: “You look amazing!”

A third even joked: “Well there’s me regretting making that milky bar cheesecake 🙄.”

But Zara told her: “Babe don’t regret it!!! I just had a massive cheat day 😂 I just had a whole family sharers bag of Cheetos in about 10 mins 😂.”

Meanwhile, in February, Zara was forced to hit back at trolls who had accused her weight loss posts as being “harmful and damaging”.

The star blasted: “Every time I post about weight loss I get people attacking me, saying it’s harmful and damaging.

“However, the last two images of me were of a girl who ate ANYTHING and EVERYTHING she wanted. Who rarely exercised.  That is not healthy or good for anyone!”