Malin Andersson shows off her one stone weight loss but insists she’s still ‘body positive’ no matter what size she is


MALIN Andersson revealed her one stone weight loss on Instagram and insisted she’s still “body-positive no matter what size or weight” she is.

The Love Island star said she hit the gym and shed the pounds after feeling tired and “sluggish and lazy”.

Malin Andersson shared this photo on Instagram and told fans she had lost a stone in weight

Malin, 27, said: “Hi Everyone 😊 I just wanna respond to a few messages in this post instead of replying individually.

“Yes – I have lost weight. Remember when I said I wanted to lose a stone a few months ago? Well here it is..

“Remember my reasons for it? Because I was sluggish and feeling lethargic and lazy. I’m now full of life and have so much energy. The weight was just a result of me making better choices for my health. Exercising and eating well.

“I’m still ‘body positive’ because I embrace every part of me – no matter what size or weight.

She later posed in lace lingerie and flaunted her amazing figure
Malin told fans she was determined to lose weight after feeling ‘sluggish and lazy’

“I’m here to tell you that happiness is an inside job and not a result from how you look like. I encourage you all to be you and not like anyone else..”

Malin is frequently praised for sharing realistic body shots on Instagram and encouraging fans to be proud of their bodies.

But she admitted she hasn’t always been as accepting of herself as she is nowadays when she opened up on her journey to feeling body confident.

She told fans last month: “I used to hate bras. I used to hate the fat. The back fat. The bra fat.

Love Island’s Malin Andersson poses in bright orange lingerie as she urges followers to embrace their bodies
Malin danced in her sexy underwear for fans last month

“I wouldn’t wear tight tops because you could see the indent of the bra through it. I also tried to wear non-wired and bandeau in hope you couldn’t see any back fat and that it was smooth.

“I recently got my back tattooed with two butterfly’s to show myself the growth. The growth of a caterpillar into a butterfly – and that it is possible to GROW in all areas of life and come out the other side.”

Back in August Love Island’s Malin stunned in a £5 Primark bikini on holiday in Corfu.

Love Island Malin Andersson stunned in a £5 Primark bikini on holiday in Corfu


The refreshing post went down well with her followers, with one saying: “Never been so happy to find an Instagram like I am to find yours. absolute inspiration.”

Another added: “Beaut! You look incredible.. and most importantly, happy and content (period aside).”

Malin is frequently praised for sharing realistic body shots on Instagram

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