Megan Barton-Hanson fawns over her hamster Jonny a year after kidnapping ex Charlie Brake’s pet


MEGAN Barton-Hanson has shared a sweet video of a hamster, which appears to be Jon Snow – the pet she stole from ex Wes Nelson over a year ago.

The 26-year-old star had bought the rodent with her Love Island beau, who was left “shocked” when he found Jon missing from his home after returning from training following their 2019 split.

Megan gushed over her hamster on Instagram

Taking to her Instagram Story, the beauty treated fans to a rare glimpse of the beloved pet in his cage.

In the short clip, Megan can be seen feeding the hamster a treat – commenting on his “yellow teeth” as she added the caption: “Jonny Boy.”

Another video shows Jon with his paws on the cage, looking up at his owner.

Fawning over the pet, Megan gushes: “He’s actually grabbing it with his paws!”

The hamster appears to be her beloved Jon Snow
She stole the pet from ex Wes, who she used to share him with
Jon Snow, pictured last year

HOAR Online revealed last January that the reality star had swiped the pet despite their agreement to “co-parent”.

A source told us at the time: “Wes knew something was wrong the moment he came home from a day on the ice and couldn’t hear the squeak-squeak of Jon Snow’s wheel.

“It turned out Megan had swiped the hamster and the cage and hit the road – days after asking for privacy for the hamster and promising they would be co-parenting the pet.”

“Wes was shocked she’d just taken Jon Snow without saying anything after everything she promised.”

She and Wes broke up in January 2019, which is when she swiped the rodent
Just months later, Megan stole ex Charlie Brake’s hamster

Amazingly enough, this was not Megan’s only hamster theft, and just months later she hit the headlines when she stole ex Charlie Brake’s rodent.

Last April, she made off with the millionaire’s rodent, named Khaleesi, following a late night bust-up.

Megan returned Charlie’s hamster after a couple of days after losing her in her flat.

She told followers at the time: “I found her. She’s a feisty one. Get back in, I’m not losing you again.

“Charlie and Charlie’s cousin, she’s back. I’m returning her tomorrow. I’m never going to steal anyone’s pet again.”