Molly-Mae admits Love Island was a ‘business move she thought she’d win’ as she confirms six figures in her bank account


MOLLY-MAE Hague has admitted that Love Island was a “business move” – and that she was “shocked” she and Tommy Fury lost last summer’s series to Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea.

The 20-year-old star also confirmed that she has six-figures in her bank account after shooting to fame on the show – and that she and Tommy did have sex in the villa.

Molly is an open book in her latest YouTube video

The blonde beauty was an open book as she took part in an “assumptions” challenge for her latest YouTube video, answering honestly after fans made a series of assumptions about her life.

One read: “You went on Love Island as a business move”.

Molly replied: “That’s a good one actually… Yeah I did, if I am being completely honest.”

However, she went on to insist that her love for boxer Tommy is completely real, continuing: “I went on there not really bothered if I found love or not, I found love… When you’re not looking for something you find it.

The beauty didn’t go on the show to find love

“Out of all the girls, I was really chilled like: ‘If it happens it happens, if it doesn’t it doesn’t, either way it’ll be a fun experience’.

“I don’t know how I ended up on the show, it was the weirdest thing. I went for an audition and then they rang me like: ‘You’re on’, and I was like oh my gosh this is just a little bit crazy.

“It was a very, very weird time for me.”

She concluded: “But yeah I guess it kind of was a business move”, before cheekily winking at the camera.

The star winked as she admitted Love Island was a ‘business move’

And it’s safe to say that the move paid off, with the reality star also revealing that she has made an eye-watering amount of money since leaving the show.

Another assumption read: “You have six figures in your bank account”.

Looking a bit sheepish, Molly replied: “Yeah… We will just leave it at that.

“Six figures, yeah… Yep.”

She looked sheepish as she revealed how much is in her bank account

But despite her post Love Island success, Molly confessed that she did expect to win the reality series, and finishing in second place made her worry about her popularity.

She explained: “Surprised I didn’t win Love Island? It’s a really hard one to answer but if I had to straight away I would probably say yes, just because Tommy and I had been the only couple to go from the start to the end.

“Every single bombshell was saying: ‘You’re the winners’, and we didn’t care at all… We didn’t even think about it.”

Molly-Mae continued: “If I am honest, when we didn’t win that’s when I realised the hate on the outside is really bad, that was my initial reaction.

Molly confessed that she was ‘shocked’ she and Tommy Fury lost to Amber and Greg

“I was like, oh my god everyone hates me, because for me and Tommy to be the only couple to go from the start to the finish, actually fall in love, become boyfriend and girlfriend and not win…”

Remaining defiant, the star insisted: “I am glad me and Tommy didn’t win, I think it’d have completely changed our path.”

Tommy and Molly-Mae are the last remaining couple from the 2019 series of Love Island, with winners Greg and Amber splitting just weeks after claiming the prize.

She and Tommy are the only Love Island 2019 couple still together

Finally, Molly sheepishly admitted on the record that she and Tommy did enjoy steamy sex sessions in the villa, with the beauty previously remaining tight-lipped when asked.

An assumption read: “You and Tommy had sex in the villa.”

Molly blushed as she quickly answered: “Yeah, yes we did… Next question”, while flashing up a peace sign.