Molly-Mae Hague fans’ shock as they spot ‘photoshop fail’ – but it’s not all as it seems


LOVE Island star Molly-Mae Hague fans were shocked to spot a “photoshop fail” in her latest Instagram post – but not all is as it seems.

The reality TV favourite looked glamorous in the new snap, but her following couldn’t help but notice something looked off about her elbow.

Molly-Mae shocked fans with her double-jointed elbow
The star explained her hypermobility in the caption of the post

Molly-Mae, 22, donned a light brown leather two-piece outfit for her latest upload, which saw her lounging on a black seat in her home.

The star placed an arm out behind herself to prop her up as she flicked her white hair over her shoulder, showing off her glamorous palette of make-up.

But fans were quick to point out how her right arm looked awkwardly bent in the snap, and took to the comments to speculate it had been “photoshopped”.

“Photoshopped,” one fan lashed out in the comments, as a second chimed in to suggest: “The Photoshop embarrassment.”

“The arm did not co-operate,” a third person noted – but Molly-Mae was quick to take to the caption to clear up the elbow mishap.

“Occasionally I don’t wear joggers… (also, my double-jointed arm is showing me up,” she wrote, as other followers chimed in to defend her.

“I have the same arms as you, it’s called hypermobility,” one said, as a second agreed: “Pretty girls are double-jointed.”

It comes as Molly-Mae revealed the mind-blowing amount of money she spends on security, as she can’t “put a price on safety”.

The 22-year-old influencer was left devastated in October when thieves broke in and stole designer goods, laptops and shoes worth £800k.

The reality TV star took to her YouTube channel to discuss the horrific robbery, as she revealed she had invested “thousands” of pounds worth of security.

Molly-Mae opened up to fans in the new video who asked her whether she “had security everywhere she went” following the break-in.

She revealed that she was spending “thousands and thousands of pounds on security” in order to ensure her and beau Tommy Fury’s safety.

“Security is something we’ve had to take so much more seriously now, to the point where I’m spending thousands and thousands of pounds a month on having the right security,” Molly-Mae revealed.

“At the end of the day, I don’t think I can put a price on feeling safe.”

“I’ve never really known how to speak about it to be honest, because I feel like it’s something people could respond with ‘Who does she think she is’.

“It’s genuinely for no other reason than it makes me feel more safe and after what happened it’s just something that makes me feel better.”

Despite telling fans that she was worried to post images of her house following the burglary, the Love Island star gave her followers another glimpse inside her property in the video.

Molly and Tommy have since moved out to a mystery location following the theft, and she’s hinted that they’ve bought their dream home.