Molly-Mae Hague sends birthday cake to her Love Island pals after celebrating her 21st in lockdown


LOVE Island’s Molly-Mae Hague has been dispatching slices of birthday cake via a fleet of taxis.

The star, who is thought to have become a millionaire on the back of the show, turned 21 on Tuesday and was treated to a stunning Cartier diamond ring worth over £4,000 from boyfriend Tommy Fury.

Molly-Mae Hague has been dispatching slices of birthday cake via a fleet of taxis

Now sharing some birthday joy, the blonde bombshell sent her pals, Ellie Brown and fashion model Stephanie Lam, a selection of slices from her three different birthday cakes via Uber.

Fellow Love Islander Ellie first shared Molly-Mae‘s generosity on her Instagram Stories and highlighted the goodies the reality star sent her, which included three boxes of baked treats and a bouquet of flowers.

Captioning the short video, she penned: “when @mollymaehague texts you to go downstairs and meet an Uber”.

Then model Stephanie gave her followers a sneak peek of what sweet treats were hidden in the boxes; multiple slices of birthday cake, doughnuts and different delectable cake toppings.

One of the three cakes Molly had while celebrating her birthday on Tuesday

Her friend Stephanie shared a clip of all the treats Molly sent her

“She sent us birthday cake in an Uber,” Stephanie wrote across the clip. “I love you sooooooo much @mollymaehague”.

The ITV2 darling’s generosity comes after she reflected on her birthday in Love Island lockdown last year.

The blonde beauty’s life changed after she appeared on the ITV2 dating show, and exactly 12 months ago she was gearing up to enter the villa for the first time.

There she met and fell in love with boxer Tommy Fury, who has been spoiling her rotten with treats and surprises in their Manchester home today.

Ellie Brown also posted a video of the Uber arriving to her house

The Instagram influencer was spoilt for choice with a second cake

Taking to her Instagram, Molly said that she was “forever in Love Island’s debt” as she opened up to her followers.

She wrote: “Sat thinking about my birthday last year. How ironic that I was in ‘lockdown’ for that birthday too, however, it was the Love Island lockdown.

“Two weeks in a remote Spanish town on a mountain, just me and my chaperone @CharlotteWelsh and a field of goats.

“We spent my birthday eating spag bol in a tiny little cafe, the only cafe in the whole town, and my birthday present was a lilo that Char had bought from the only local shop, that we couldn’t even blow up.

Tommy went all out with a mountain of presents

Molly gave a glimpse of her expensive new Cartier ring

“No phone, no computer, I couldn’t even talk to my family, it was so mad! I will never ever ever forget that birthday.”

Molly continued: “But I remember wondering what my 21st would be like a year on… I never EVER imagined this. I genuinely do feel like the luckiest girl in the world, I can’t stop smiling.

“We were so bored the whole time, honestly I will never be able to explain those two weeks. So happy I had Charlotte with me the whole time, it was honestly something I will NEVER forget.

“Was so worth it though, don’t get me wrong – Love Island ws the best experience of my life and the reason I met my Tommy, forever in debt.”

While Molly has been forced to spend her special day in lockdown yet again, it is world’s away from last year’s do – with Tommy surprising her with a puppy, and a Cartier diamond ring.

He filled their living area with pink balloons and the duo have been indulging in sweet treats like customised cake, cookies, and pizza all day.