Molly-Mae is convinced Love Island twins Eve and Jess will kill each other over Callum and Mike


LOVE Island star Molly-Mae Hague has predicted war in the villa – between twins Jess and Eve Gale.

Discussing the new Islanders on her YouTube channel with friend Ella Ravenscroft, the star – who appeared on the show last year – said she’s convinced the sisters will kill each other over Callum and Mike.

Molly-Mae Hague and friend Ella Ravenscroft shared their reaction to the season of Love Island online

She said: Obviously theyre going to argue, theyre sisters. If you put me and my sister in the Love Island villa together wed literally pull each others hair out. My extensions would be on the floor.

Obviously theyre going to literally kill each other.

Viewers have already seen Jess and Eve come to blows over their mutual like for Mike.

Ahead of the first recoupling, Eve told Jess she had set her sights on the former police officer and would be picking him later that evening.

Molly-Mae Hague starred on Love Island last year

The twins bickered as they discussed who they wanted to pick at the first recoupling

But Jess had the same idea, telling her sister, To be fair I am probably the same.

Eve replied: Oh god now I feel bad.

When Jess asked how she made the decision, she replied: I dont know that is just the way I feel.

Jess then starts saying: Can I just.. but Eve interrupts her and says: Oh my god why are you getting mad at me.

Jess picked Mike, while Eva coupled up with Callum

She replied: I am not can I please explain.

Shaking her head, Eve said: Honestly Jess sometimes you baffle me.

The fireworks are set to continue, with a teaser clip showing the twins in a dramatic showdown with the other Islanders.

Eve doesnt hold back as she defends her decision to pursue Callum, thus leaving Shaughna single and vulnerable.

Eve doesn’t hold back after stealing Callum for Shaughna

She coldly asks are you done? during a group chat, leaving Shaughna and Paige stunned.

Jess is also copping the heat after stealing Mike from LeAnne.

Just two days earlier, LeAnne stepped forward for Mike and he chose her to couple up with.

Viewers are convinced the pair had sex later that evening as they disappeared under the bedcovers.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “why do i think Mike & Leanne have already had sex #LoveIsland.”

Another posted: “Why were the covers moving so much in Mike and Leanne’s bed #LoveIsland.”

But both LeAnne and Michael said they had a little spoon.