My face looked terrifying in old pics – I looked five years younger when I dissolved my fillers, says Molly-Mae Hague


MOLLY-Mae Hague has said she looks five years younger after getting her filler dissolved.

The Love Island star, 22, began getting many of her cosmetic procedures reversed in hopes of achieving a more ‘natural’ look last February.

Molly-Mae Hague said she looked five years younger since dissolving her filler
The star said she no longer recognised herself. Pictured above prior to dissolving her filler

In March, experts estimated that the social media influencer spent over £8,000 on regular procedures and paid thousands to have them reversed.

Molly-Mae revealed at the time that she had her lip and jaw filler dissolved and her composite bonded pearly whites removed after she felt she took it “too far”.

Now speaking on The Diary of a CEO with Steve Bartlett podcast, Molly said her decision to dissolve her filler came after a screenshot of her “swollen” face post-procedure trended on Twitter for several weeks.

The PLT creative director explained that she no longer recognised herself in the photo and wanted to do something about it.

She began: “I wouldn’t say I got addicted to it, but by the age of 21, I didn’t look like the same person.

“I literally looked like a different person. When I look back at pictures now, I’m terrified of myself. I’m like, ‘Who was that girl?’ I don’t know what happened.

“But there was this one pivotal moment where I’d gone and got loads of filler and I posted a YouTube video and I hadn’t let the filler settle and it was really swollen and a screenshot from that video, it trended on Twitter for weeks.

“It was horrendous. It was utterly horrendous. My face was literally like, it was just awful. That was the moment for me as well where I was like, I think things need to change.

“I thought, one day I’m going to get my lips dissolved. It was a process. I went and got my lips dissolved and I posted about it on YouTube and I didn’t expect the response that I got. It was huge.” 

Since reversing the procedures, Molly admitted that she’s never felt more confident or “prettier” as she does now.

She continued: “… The minute I started to reverse my image and dissolve the filler and dissolve my lips – I actually had a full set of composite bonding on my teeth, I had them removed as well.

“I literally took it to the extreme and I just stripped myself back and weirdly, I felt the prettiest I’d ever felt, once it had all gone.

“I feel like I’d dropped about five years off my age and it was like, it was a really, really significant moment for me.

“I didn’t realise how much respect that would get me. I didn’t do it for respect, I did it for myself. I didn’t do it for anyone else, I did it because I knew that I needed to.”

In the candid chat, Molly also admitted she believed she had to get Botox and filler to become a successful influencer on social media.

However, Molly admitted she now knows that “look” she was trying to recreate was in fact editing.

Molly pictured with her boyfriend Tommy Fury

The star has embraced a more ‘natural’ look