New Love Island feud revealed as Whitney slams rival and Mitch brands her ‘two faced’


WHITNEY Adebayo and Mitchel Taylor have publicly slammed one of their co-stars.

The islanders have only just left paradise, but trouble is already brewing.

Whitney Adebayo called out a co-stars shady behaviour

Whitney acknowledged a fellow islanders questionable behaviour and Mitchel Taylor chimed in too

They were slamming Kady McDermott’s comments

Love Island runner-up Whitney, has gone as far as to call out some shady behaviour, during an Instagram live, from a fellow co-star.

And ‘messy’ Mitch also weighed in on the row.

Whitney could be seen alongside her villa flame Lochan Nowacki, seemingly acknowledging Kady McDermott’s recent antics.

The star, who first appeared on the ITV2 dating show in series two, has been sharing her unfiltered thoughts on this season’s islanders during podcast appearances, including calling Whitney’s villa best-friend (Scott Van Der Sluis) “rude”.

Whitney hinted at her brewing feud with Kady by flashing a glimpse at her phone screen, where she was on a Facetime call with Scott.

She said: “Kady, this is the reason why your name be up, like, girl,” before pulling an unimpressed expression and laughing.

Co-star Mitchel also had his say, commenting on the live with: “Kady more two faced than me stillll.”

Goal-keeper Scott, shared his own thoughts in an interview with On Demand Entertainment, and branded Kady a game-player.

Scott hasn’t been the only islander under-fire from Kady, with the star claiming she will not remain friends with one of her co-stars after the show.

The star revealed the end of the friendship whilst appearing on Kiss Fresh alongside villa partner, Scottish model Ouzy See.

Kady admitted that there is no love lost between her and Molly Marsh.

She stated: “So basically, Molly off-camera, I know she would talk to girls in the set-up chats, but off-camera, lunch and dinner, and down days, she wouldn’t talk to any of the girls.

“She’d completelty segregate herself.

“She’d either be on her own or be with Zach. But then on the down days, you couldn’t be with the boys, you had to be separated.”

In this week’s season finale, Jess Harding and Sammy Root were crowned the Love Island winners.

Beating Zach Noble and Molly Marsh, Tyrique Hyde and Ella Thomas and Lochan Nowacki and Whitney Adebayo.

Mitch and partner Ella B were sent packing just the evening before, narrowly missing out on a place in the final.

Whitney and Lochan came second on the show