Oliva Buckland rages at ‘third-party dog breeders’ after Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury’s puppy dies


LOVE Island alumni Olivia Buckland is the latest celebrity to vent her feelings at ‘third-party dog breeders’ in the wake of the death of Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury’s puppy.

The reality star, who has several pooches herself, shared a lengthy post to her Instagram on Thursday, warning her followers about the dangers of buying puppies from abroad.

Olivia and her husband Alex are big animal lovers

Animal-lover Olivia’s heartfelt plea comes after her fellow Love Island pals, Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury, lost their puppy earlier this week.

Mr Chai, who was gifted to Molly-Mae for her 21st birthday, was a four and a half month old Pomeranian brought over to the U.K. from Russia.

Olivia said in her Instagram Stories: “Third party breeders don’t have a clue where they’re getting their dogs from, I don’t care what bulls**t they sprangle you.

“They are getting a puppy from another country, they are not seeing the mum, they’re not seeing the dad, even sending a young puppy by plane from places like Russia is ridiculous.

The star ranted about third party breeders
She stressed that she wasn’t having a dig at Molly-Mae and Tommy
Olivia slammed the sale of puppies from abroad

“Third party breeders are what’s bringing puppy farming back into the UK even though Lucy’s Law was passed in the UK.”

Olivia, who appeared in the 2016 series of Love Island, ranted: “If you haven’t physically seen the mother or don’t know them very well do not get involved with them.

“Anyone that is getting your puppy from somewhere else, doesnt have them in their home or whatever, do not buy that dog, do not get involved, walk away, turn away.

“Do not because it is literally so risky you have no idea at the health of that puppy the health of the mum and dad, the living conditions, where they are, what the living conditions look like, it is so dangerous to do that.

She urged her fans to make sure they could meet a puppy’s parents before buying
Olivia’s comments come after the tragic death of Tommy and Molly-Mae’s puppy
Mr Chai died after suffering from a seizure

“Honestly from the bottom of my heart I beg you please do not support any third party breeder, and do not support any puppy coming from any other country unless you have got to visit physically and seen the conditions the puppy is in.”

The 26-year-old went on: “You can’t blame anyone you just need to educate yourself and moving forward ensure you aren’t investing in people like that so I just had to say something.”

Olivia Buckland isn’t the only Love Island star to speak out against the trade of puppies from abroad.

Olivia Attwood revealed today that she has been offered free puppies since finding fame and says Molly-Mae was “conned”.

The couple took to Instagram to tell their fans how devastated they were
Olivia stressed to fans to stop sending Molly-Mae nasty messages

Molly-Mae broke the news to her fans about Mr Chai’s death

The feisty Love Island star took to her Instagram story to condemn third-party puppy dealers who she accused of profiting from the “miserable existence” of breeding dogs.

She said: “Since I’ve come out of Love Island I’ve had breeders like that message me offering me a free dog like they’re a f***ing pair of shoes or something.

“It’s just horrendous, and I really don’t want you guys to go and pile on to Molly and Tommy because it’s not about them, they’ve been conned by one of these establishments.”

Molly-Mae revealed her heartache yesterday after her Pomeranian Mr Chai died just days after being imported from Russia.

Olivia Attwood has also spoken out against designer dogs and breeders

Poor Mr Chai was only four months old when he died and was described as her “baby” by Molly-Mae

Olivia continued: “At the end of the day if the laws were stricter these establishments wouldn’t be able to operate and then you wouldn’t have these kind of stories.

“There is no care in that kind of breeding, taking dogs from third parties is purely a money-making industry, and the mothers of these dogs, well if you do some research, their existence is miserable until they can no longer produce puppies and they’re just basically disposed of.

“So for everyone who’s had a dog from this kind of breeder and goes ‘my dog’s fine’, well good for you, but the whole chain of misery that follows that dog is not fine.”

Molly broke down in tears last night as she spoke about the shock death of “our baby.”