Olivia Attwood left red-faced as OnlyFans star hands her mould of his giant manhood on Getting Filthy Rich


OLIVIA Attwood is rarely left lost for words, but the TV star was truly gobsmacked after she was faced with a gigantic penis replica.

The 31-year-old Love Island star-turned-presenter has recently launched her own documentary series, Olivia Attwood: Getting Filthy Rich on ITV.

Olivia couldn’t believe the size of what she’d seen

Josh brought over his replica FleshJack products

The four-part series sees the former model meet various workers in the sex industry, from porn stars and OnlyFans creators to cam girls, financial dominatrixes and even sugar babies.

The first episode of the series saw Olivia try out OnlyFans, and she met with multiple creators, one of whom raked in a whopping £250,000 in one month.

In the second episode, she delved into the world of porn, meeting up with Josh Moore, one of the world’s leading male porn stars.

Olivia visited Josh’s very swanky London pad, which featured a glass floor looking into the basement, a huge stylish kitchen, and a home studio complete with a bed – perfect for shooting porn videos.

The presenter got cosy on Josh’s sofa as he explained he was lucky enough to have a FleshJack deal.

He said: “It’s quite an honour in this industry to get a FleshJack deal,” adding that “it’s where they make a mould of your penis.”

Olivia asked to see Josh’s creations, and the porn icon brought over both his huge penis replica, and the matching fleshlight, which was made from a mould of his anus.

She commented that they were “so heavy”, adding that she’d “never actually seen one of these”.

Josh told Olivia “it’s a big one”, as she asked if the mould of his penis was to scale, which it was.

He added: “It’s an exact replica,” as Olivia quipped back: “No wonder you’re so popular babe!”.

Josh Moore is one of the biggest male porn stars in the world