Olivia Attwood’s TV show in chaos as finale is scrapped due to Covid lockdown – and she WON’T film final Towie scenes


OLIVIA Attwood’s new reality show has been thrown into chaos just weeks before finishing filming, despite it being “a huge hit”.

The former Love Island beauty told how original plans for a big series finale had now been scrapped due to strict Tier 3 Covid regulations in Manchester.

The finale of Olivia Attwood’s reality show have been scrapped due to Covid lockdown restrictions in Manchester

But even thought the finale has been scrapped, ITV is scrambling to secure Olivia for many more projects because “the show’s been a huge hit – getting twice the viewers of most of its rivals”.

A source told HOAR Online: “ITV execs are desperate to sign Olivia up to a long term deal because it’s blown everything else out of the water.”

Liv, 26, also revealed TOWIE fans were now unlikely to see her return to the series for the Christmas Special as planned.

With TV sources claiming she had filmed her final scenes and won’t be returning to the show again. 

Liv said: “Going into Tier 3 just before the end of filming obviously has been a bit of a nightmare.

Olivia said the Tier 3 restrictions meant she would probably not return to film Towie

The 26-year-old was supposed to appear in the ITV show’s Christmas special

But not all is lost as ITV bosses hope to secure her for more projects in the future

“We only have a week or two left to film so it’s not ideal. It means we are constantly having to change plans and scale things down but we are making it work the best we can.

“I was planning to go back to TOWIE to film the Christmas Special as well but that’s looking highly unlikely now too.”

A source on the show said: “It is unlikely Liv will be returning to TOWIE next year.

“The plan was to film her farewell scenes during the Christmas Special.

Olivia Meets Her Match has been a ‘huge hit’ for ITV

“But if that doesn’t happen who knows whether we will see her filming in Essex ever again.”

Liv has already had to cancel her dream Portugal wedding with football player Bradley Dack, also 26.

She is now hoping to get married in the UK next summer instead.

Fearing a second lockdown Liv admitted she almost smashed all the mirrors in her apartment during a ‘breakdown’.

She stars in the series alongside her footballer fiancé, Bradley Dack

Liv said: “I know most people had it a lot worse than me but Bradley would have said I was a nightmare. I was up one minute then having a breakdown the next.

“Some days I would be alright and then the next day I would be climbing the walls.  

“I was getting frustrated and got really bad cabin fever.

“I know they are first world problems but I hated my acrylic nails hanging off and my hair extensions being halfway down my back.

The pair had planned to get married in Portugal this year, but postponed it due to the coronavirus pandemic

“I never realised just how high maintenance I was until it was all taken away and I was stripped back.

“I would see myself in the mirrors when I was having a bad day and think I can’t go on like this for much longer. I wanted to smash all the mirrors in my apartment at one point.”

Covid may have messed up most of her 2020 plans but she told how the pandemic had also brought her closer to Blackburn Rovers professional Brad despite her fears it would split them up.

She added: “I’m a bit dramatic and ended up going mental making mountains out of mole hills.  

Olivia revealed she was worried they would split up in lockdown

“If we had a bad day I’d go to bed saying it’s not going to work between us but Brad is a lot more practical. He would say ‘We’ve got over so much in four years we can get over anything’.

But Brad made sure to keep them both grounded and focused on getting through the tough times

Olivia rose to fame on Love Island

She dated Chris Hughes on the show, but they split seven months after leaving the Love Island Villa

“I felt so lucky that I was with Brad and we are loved up and happy because if you aren’t in a good place with your partner that would have definitely pushed us over the edge.

“In the end I think it’s made us so much stronger.

“We’ve broken up so many times in the past, hopefully we have gotten them all out of the way before the wedding.”

Olivia Meets Her Match continues Sunday at 10pm on ITVBe