Olivia Bowen jokes ‘lockdown did me dirty’ in hilarious video as her jeans won’t fit after four months at home


OLIVIA Bowen and her husband Alex were left in hysterics as she tried to get back in her jeans after four months of lockdown.

The Love Island star, 26, saw the funny side of things and took to Instagram to share a video of herself trying to get a pair of jeans over her bum.

Olivia Bowen jokes ‘lockdown did me dirty’ after her jeans won’t fit anymore

In the video, Alex can be seen giving his wife a helping hand by trying to pull her bottoms up.

But in the process the tattooed hunk ends up lifting her up off the floor, leaving the two in absolute stitches.

She captioned the post: “Lockdown done me dirty 🤨😂,” and fittingly played Ass Like That by Eminem over the top of the video.

Despite her ripped mom jeans not fitting her properly, Olivia looked stunning as ever in a black sports bra, some Tommy Hilfiger pants and her hair styled in a messy bun.

Alex pulled a funny face as he tried to help his wife fit her jeans over her bum

The pair were left in hysterics

And it looks like her 2.1m followers loved the positive message that she was trying to put across.

One commented: “This is brilliant 😆 thank you for showing us that it doesn’t matter what size jeans you wear! You are 🔥🔥

Another wrote: “This is just the best!! So uplifting to see – very relatable 💕💕💕 thanks for sharing gorgeous 🥰

A third commented: “glad I’m not the only one, seeee!! 😇🤣

Olivia rose to fame on the third series of Love Island in 2017

A fourth added: “glad it’s not just me that can’t get me jeans on hhahahaha”

Back in March the whole of the UK was put into lockdown to try and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

This meant that we weren’t able to exercise as much as we would have liked to due to being cooped up indoors and the majority of us probably indulged in a bit more food than we usually would do.

This isn’t the first time that Olivia has spread body positivity on her feed.

Olivia uses her platform to spread positive messages about body confidence

Olivia and husband Alex fell head over heels for each other on the ITV dating show

Last year she kept it real but sharing the “best” and “worst” angles to take for a selfie.

She told her fans that “knowledge is power” and demonstrated the difference that high-waisted leggings and posture can make to her appearance.

Olivia showed off her trim figure in gym wear on her Instagram story – posing in the purple sports bra and leggings.

She then pulled the waistband of her trousers down and breathed out.

Olivia shared some body positivity on her social media platform last year
Olivia highlighted that “knowledge is power” and it’s all about the angles of a picture

Olivia than sat down, stood up, and bent over to highlight how the different poses changed the look of her body.

At one point, the star’s followers saw her poke her stomach as she highlighted the rolls.

She captioned one of the posts: “Is it magic? no it’s freaking angles & posture!

“Instagram = photos = posing = posture = angles = bod looking on point = not the whole of my life or yours am I a magician? No sir.”

Olivia has gained a huge following since Love Island and uses her platform to help others

She later added: “There is no shame in cellulite, rolls, stretch marks, chocolate on ya mouth etc! We just naturally put our best images on here!

“I’m happy to show you because it actually makes me feel more confident and I accept my body and the way it changes as I grow and change.

“I want to help you guys realise there is more to life, more to our bodies and more than meets the airspace between your eyeballs and your Instagram.”

Olivia has had to deal with some nasty comments about her appearance since shooting to fame in 2016 on the second series of Love Island.

Olivia hit back at cruel trolls back in 2018 after they called her fat

She hit back at cruel trolls who branded her “fat” after seeing pictures of her in a bikini while on holiday in Barbados in 2018.

At the time, she wrote in her New Magazine column: “I don’t mind paps taking pictures of me when I’m on holiday, but I do mind some of the vile comments people make under them when they’re posted online.

“Around 95 per cent of trolls said I was fat and had cellulite, which worries me because comments like that might affect other girls who could think, ‘I have cellulite too, that must mean I’m disgusting as well’.

“Websites often describe me as a curvy girl as if it’s a bad thing, I like being curvy because it means that I’m happy.”