Olivia Hawkins breaks silence on feud with Love Islander after ‘being silenced’ on reunion show

Explosive Love Island feud reignited as winner Kai snubs ex after villa drama,

Olivia Hawkins breaks silence on feud with Love Islander after ‘being silenced’ on reunion show.

Olivia unwittingly became one of the most talked about stars of this year’s winter series thanks to her awkward run-ins with several of the other islanders.

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However, fans ended up fuming after believing she was “silenced” during the reunion special, getting an easy ride while others were grilled on their actions.

Speaking to the Not My Bagg podcast, Olivia dished the dirt on her complex experience with Kai Fagan, who was partnered up with her before Casa Amor, when he recoupled with Sanam Harrinanan.

While Olivia also recoupled with Maxwell Samuda, things got awkward when Olivia and Kai got in an argument over his decision.

Now given the platform to explain exactly what went down, Olivia spoke to former Gogglebox stars George and Joe Baggs to break her silence and explain herself better.

“That was the first situation where I was like ‘OK, I’m genuinely attracted to this guy and we do genuinely get on and he’s really sweet. Lovely teeth!”

“I picked him on the first day, everyone was like this is so random, and i was like guys, do you not remember, I picked him?” she added, joking: ‘I picked him on the first day, bitches!'”

The star then revealed she began to crack under the pressure of Casa Amor, with the new additions “putting things into her head”, most of which wasn’t shown.

“I don’t think it was shown but they were saying so much to me,” she said. “Being like Kai’s not genuine, Martin was like you’re not his first, second or even third choice, he only got with you because you were single.”

Olivia also explained that the pressure of her being in Casa made her have her temporary memory lapse when she forgot Kai’s name while playing with the newcomers.

However, the biggest dig came when the boys collectively appeared to take exception to Kai, and knowing they’d watched the show, she began to question if they’d seen something she couldn’t.

So when it came to the reunion, longheld doubts quickly emerged, made worse when it became apparent Kai had recoupled with someone else.

Believing the boys had been telling her the truth, Olivia let loose, accusing him of not being genuine and a gameplayer.

“He (Kai) had such a grin on his face, that’s the only reason that I bit back, because I thought it was in a smug way, when he actually said he was happy for me,” she said.

“When I heard that I was like ‘Oh.'”

Kai and Olivia were never fully able to balance things out to a friendship, leaving things on frosty terms as he continued his romance with Sanam.

Sanam and Kai ultimately went on to win the series, taking home a £50,000 prize.

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