Paige Turley and Finley Tapp are planning return holiday to Cape Town after winning Love Island


PAIGE Turley and Finley Tapp are planning a romantic holiday back to Cape Town after winning Winter Love Island.

The couple want to explore the exotic South African capital properly after falling in love with the area while starring in the ITV2 show.

Paige and Finn are planning a return trip to Cape Town where they first fell for each other

Scottish singer Paige, 22,  and footballer Finn are set to head back to Cape Town to see more of the city after they only caught a glimpse while on Love Island earlier this year.

A source said: “Paige is besotted with Cape Town and is keen to see more.

“It’s the place where she fell for Finn, and the two of them have agreed the little they saw of it has given them a taste for more.

“They are talking about heading back there for a romantic holiday so they can explore the beautiful city and soak up the culture  – even going on safari.”

The duo didn’t get to see much of it while they were there
They fell in love with what they saw and want to see more
They are looking for a place to live now they are back in the UK

The couple who won Winter Love Island aren’t wasting any time in moving forward with their romance.

They have revealed they are going to start a family “quickly” after winning the first ever winter series of the show last month.

Paige and Finn are also planning to get married and will be having two weddings because they can’t agree on where to hold their big day.

While Paige would like to tie the knot in the Maldives, Finn, 20, wants something a little more traditional.

They are already talking weddings and babies
Paige was excited to visit celebrity dentist to the stars Dr Richard Marques to get wedding ready

She’s certainly getting glammed up and wedding ready by visiting Rita Ora’s celebrity dentist, Dr Richard Marques of Devonshire Place, whose clients include Jamie Redknapp, Ashley James and Tom Daley, and double Grammy winner Dua Lipa,

Meanwhile low-key Finn told OK! Magazine: “I would like a big traditional church wedding in my local church because that’s where my parents and their parents got married.

“We’re going to have to come to a compromise. We can’t agree so maybe we’ll have two weddings!”

One thing they do agree on is starting a family though and it sounds like it won’t be long until there are more Love Island babies running around.

Finn revealed: “We’ve already discussed how many we want. I’ve always wanted a big family so I want four or five and Paige wants three.”

Paige continued: “We want to start a family quickly and we’ve discussed names. I like Darcey for a girl and Hugo for a boy.”

Agreeing Finn added: “I’d like to be a dad before I’m 25. I really want a boy, so if we have five girls, we’re going for six.”