Pregnant Dani Dyer reveals crippling fatigue as she says she’s still exhausted after 10 hours sleep


PREGNANT Dani Dyer has revealed that she’s suffering from crippling fatigue, tweeting that she’s still exhausted after 10 hours sleep.

The Love Island star, 24, announced the exciting news that she is expecting her first child with boyfriend Sammy Kimmence last month.

Pregnant Dani Dyer revealed she’s still exhausted after 10 hours sleep

Since then Dani – who is now 15 weeks pregnant – has been honest and open about her pregnancy journey so far on her all her social media platforms.

The star has been suffering badly from fatigue, nausea, horrendous migraines and has even admitted that all she wants to eat is carbs.

Earlier today she took to Twitter to share how tired she is, despite getting a decent amount of sleep.

She wrote to her 335.8K followers: “Must be sleeping 10 hours a night and I’m waking up even more tired than before I went to bed how is that even possible”

The star took to Twitter to express how puzzled she is at being so tired
Dani has been suffering from fatigue, nausea and horrendous migraines

But fans were quick to help reassure the mum-to-be that every woman experiences pregnancy differently – and that she will be fine as the baby starts to grow more.

One joked: “Get all the sleep you can, it won’t be too long until you’re walking around completely sleep deprived the joys.”

Another said: “Sleeping is good. You’ll need as much rest as you can. You’re growing a tiny human and it’s an amazing experience”

While a third said she felt exactly the same, and tweeted back: “I was the same the first few months I was exhausted sleeping constantly You’ll feel a big difference though going into your second trimester and you’ll be glowing”

Earlier this week Dani was left “anxious and stressed” as she warned fans over using at-home baby ultrasound devices.

Dani looks stunning as ever with her growing baby bump

Danny Dyer’s daughter went into a panic when she couldn’t hear her unborn baby on a listening kit she’d been using at home.

A fetal doppler – whether at a doctor’s office or bought for home use — is a hand-held ultrasound device that uses soundwaves to listen to a baby’s heartbeat.

Dani shared a video of her fetal doppler on her Instagram Stories and warned fans not to buy one.

She said: “Nothing against it, some people are really lucky and find a heartbeat in six weeks.

The mum-to-be warned others not to use a fetal doppler to try and listen to the baby’s heart beat

Dani and Sammy have been dating on and off for over a year and also dated before she went on Love Island

“I tried this at home – it made me ill. If you’re a little bit of a worrier, like me, I just really don’t recommend them because if you cant find the heartbeat, you’re stressing about it. I know I was.”

She said she was so worried after failing to find the heartbeat that she got straight on the phone to book an ultrasound scan.

The ITV star also admitted she was struggling with severe migraines during the heatwave over the past two weeks and just wanted to lie down in her “granny knickers.”

“Never wanted the cold weather as much as I do now. This heat is way too much, doesn’t help my migraines at all,” she wrote.

Dani shared a snap of the couple with their baby scan to announce the happy news

Dani added: “Just wanna lay in bed with a fan on my face all day in my granny knickers and granny bra.”

After announcing the news on Instagram, HOAR Online revealed that Dani will not be learning the gender of her baby until she gives birth.

She has also been clashing with stockbrocker partner Sammy about what they’ll name the tot if it’s a girl.

The star recently celebrated her 24th birthday with a giant balloon wall and luxury gifts from her baby daddy.