Shaughna Phillips says Love Island pal Sophie Piper is ignoring her messages after fans ask if they’re still friends


SHAUGHNA Phillips has revealed Love Island pal Sophie Piper is ignoring her messages after fans asked if they’re still friends.

The reality star confessed the pair were currently not communicating after striking up a friendship on the ITV2 dating show.

Sophie Piper and Shaughna Phillips became friends on Love Island last year

Shaughna, 26, was answering random questions from her Instagram followers when she shared the update.

A fan asked: “Are you still close with Sophie from Love Island?”

To which Shaugna replied, not holding back: “Er, I would be if that b**** replied to my messages.”

“So yeah, consider this shots fired,” as she waved her make-up brush at the camera.

Sophie revealed the pair were not currently in touch

She was responding to questions from fans as she put on her make up

She revealed Sophie had not been responding to her messages

But she then added in a slightly more timid voice: “And can you just reply to me please Sophie, love you, bye.”

Sophie, 21, whose sister is This Morning presenter Rochelle Humes, was also tagged into the online video by Shaughna.

And the Insta story seemed to do the job as Sophie later reshared the clip to her own social media page with added heart and laughing emojis.

Love Island viewers watched last year as the pair struck up a friendship in the South African villa, before being spotted on nights on back home in the UK.

Shaughna has recently been using her social media platforms to discuss a range of topics from mental health to eating disorders.

This week she opened up about feeling like a failure if she ate during her eating disorder battle.

The Love Island star detailed her “bad relationship with food” during a new YouTube video.

Shaughna told fans she gained weight during lockdown and has been weighing herself every day.

But she revealed this is what she used to do while battling with her eating disorder.

The friends supported each other in the villa

Shaughna recently spoke about her ‘bad relationship with food’

Sophie is Rochelle Humes’ sister

Speaking to her fans while putting on makeup, the star said: “In 2016, 2017, I had a really bad relationship with food. I don’t really like to call it an eating disorder mainly because I think I’m just in a bit of denial.

“Essentially, I did have an eating disorder. I got into some really, really bad habits. Like terribly unhealthy.

“I would literally be happy if I could go as long as possible without eating. I’d feel like I’d accomplished something.

“If I did eat something, I’d feel like I’m an actual failure. I would be weighing myself constantly and I got really, really, really skinny.”