Shock new Love Island feud ‘revealed’ as huge friendship is over

Love Island Will, Tom and Casey

A SHOCK new Love Island feud has been ‘revealed’ by fans as they claim a huge villa friendship is over.

Viewers of the ITV2 dating show think that Will Young, Casey O’Gorman and Tom Clare are no longer pals.

Love Island fans are convinced that Casey, Will and Tom are not pals anymore

Will has been busy spending time with Jessie in the UK

The trio – who dubbed themselves the three musketeers in the villa – don’t seem to be as close as they once were.

Will, 23, has been busy hanging out with his new girlfriend Jessie Wynter, 26, while Tom, 23, and Casey, 25, have been posting a lot of content with co-star Aaron Waters on social media.

This has not gone unnoticed by fans.

One said on Reddit: “I’ve noticed that Will kinda distanced himself from the three musketeer s**t.”

Many think that it’s because he’s watched back some of what they said about Jessie behind his back.

Another pointed out: “Does seem like it a bit and can’t help wonder if the “Jessie’s fake” has put a dent in the friendship a bit. I think Jessie wasn’t Casey’s biggest fan and maybe Will is prioritising her, and good for him tbh.”

“He may have watched the season back and realized Casey actually started the “Jessie is fake” stuff despite claiming it was all Maxwell,” a third wrote.

However others think it’s just because Jessie, who shot to fame on the Aussie version of the show in 2019, will have to fly back to Australia soon.

“yeah i think hes pulling an Andrew atm. jessie posted pics with the boys at the reunion tho so i think theres no bad blood, just focusing on jessie since shes still in the uk,” a third chimed in.

Another said: “It feels too early to tell either way tbh. I mean rn he has a gf that didn’t live in the UK so it makes sense he’d prioritize spending time with her and figuring out logistics etc.”

To make matters worse, Will didn’t acknowledge a comment that Tom wrote on one of his TikTok videos.

Will asked his fans what he should call his two baby lambs – to which Tom said – Tom and Casey.

The boys formed a very close bond during their time on Love Island and even called themselves “brothers”.

However, things turned sour when Will found out that Casey and Maxwell Samuda had called his girl Jessie “fake”.

Fans were shocked after witnessing Casey LIE to his best pal’s face when he was asked if he thought that was true.

And although it seemed everything had been forgotten about, Will went on to call Casey a “snake” on Aftersun.

The TikTok star was seen shouting across the studio at Casey after an unseen clip showed him bad-mouthing his relationship aired.

The couple had just been voted off the show in shock scenes – that were accidentally spoiled early by show host Maya, 28.

The pair were quizzed on how they felt about their fellow Islanders dumping them from the villa as the “least compatible couple”.

It caused Will to immediately kick off, and start shouting “snakes” in the studio, as he made Maya jump in her seat.

“Snakes, the lot of them, snakes,” he shouted, as his girlfriend Jessie watched on in shock, insisting: “He’s only joking.”

The couple went on to watch a video of Casey O’Gorman discussing his thoughts on Will and Jessie’s relationship.

Casey, who was also sat in the Aftersun studio, was heard telling a fellow bombshell he thought Jessie was “playing games”.

“The way she was speaking to me, it seemed like such an act,” Casey told fellow bombshell Maxwell.

But speaking to Will in the clip, he reassured him: “He doesn’t feel she’s being genuine,” and when Will asked: “Do you think she’s being genuine?” Casey responded: “Yeah, I think she is.”

A gobsmacked Will was left open-mouthed at the scene, and pointed his finger across the studio at Casey, shouting: “Snake!”

Casey tried to respond: “We actually spoke about that,” but Will was unimpressed, and turned away from him.

“I said so many times, be honest with me, be open with me and the boy lied,” he shouted, to which Casey responded: “Me and Will, straight after that, I said I felt like it was a complete act.”

“Did I not?” he asked Will, who hit back, turning away from him again: “Roll the tapes. Just roll the tapes.”

The trio called themselves “brothers” in the villa

Will has been busy having fun with Jessie since returning home to the UK