The Cabins spoilers: ‘Winter Love Island’ sees Sarah and Charlotte jump into bed together


THE new “Winter Love Island” show The Cabins reveals two contestants Sarah and Charlotte jump into bed together after a drunken game of beer pong.

ITV2 has released a sizzling new spoiler of the dating show – where contestants have 24 hours to find love.

Sarah and Charlotte hop under the covers

The bedroom pictures come after a game of beer pong, when Charlotte and Sarah discuss their dating history in more detail. 

Charlotte revealed she called off her engagement to a man after a serious car accident and discussed the relationships with women she’s had since then. 

Earlier in the show Sarah said: “Being gay, but not like your typical lesbian, I do often get girls that are kind of like, intrigued. I don’t want to be experimented on anymore, people quite evidently just want to get you into bed.

“I’ve never had something real. I’ve never had something where I’ve thought, ‘I’m going to be able to marry you.’”

The duo send temperatures soaring

The couple got to know each other better

Later the pair message their loved ones about their match.

Sarah said: “So far so good.” Charlotte said: “Probably a bit out of my league but let’s roll with it.”

Sarah revealed her love for otters and how they hold hands while they sleep.

Later the pair discussed whether to share a bed and eventually fall asleep holding hands. 

They went for a winter walk

Meanwhile ITV has given fans a glimpse inside the accommodations of the much-hyped show.

Contestants face a race against the clock to connect with their potential partners, with just 24 hours to get to know their cabin mate before deciding if they have a future together.

Six people will pair up and after 24 hours they can choose to spend more time together or ‘Check out’ and leave the cabin.

To help them with their decision making, the UK-based cabins will come with hot tubs, crackling fires, glasses of bubbly and even inviting double beds.

The bedrooms look cosy

The cabins are themed
Each has a double bed the potential couples could make use of
The set up of the show is covid friendly
After 24 hours they decide if they want to spend more time together or 'check out'
Contestants had to isolate beforehand
The cabins are certainly cosy, but will the company be the same?
The kitchen looked very modern with striking wooden features

Each of the three cabins have different colour schemes and themes, but are all kitted out with plush soft furnishings and fluffy throws for the couples to potentially snuggle up underneath.

They all have fully equipped kitchens too, so the pairings can cook or bake for one another to try and show off their culinary prowess.

The show – which has already been recorded – was able to go ahead after ITV put strict health and safety Covid-19 protocols in place.

This included contestants isolating at a hotel while awaiting their Covid test results and any pre-show filming carried out with minimal crew, who all wore face masks and were regularly temperature checked throughout production.

The show kicks off tonight at 9pm on ITV2.